Antiques Fair!

Today was the monthly Antiques Fair, and I was really looking forward to going as I hadn't been for a few months. I met up with a few friends too, so it was a social and antique event combined.

After having made a couple of purchases this week, I didn't want to buy too much, but fancied getting a new brooch. Mission accomplished - a lovely Deco style brooch, possibly 1930s or 1950s, for only £3. I also picked up a lovely pendant watch for £5. In working order, but the only problem is I haven't worked out how to change the time on it! Usually by pushing in or pulling out the dial, I would have thought. But that doesn't seem to work with this watch. I'm a bit perplexed by it, but hope I can work it out somehow!

My other buy was a 1950s jam pot with spoon for £3.50. I'm a sucker for ceramics, particularly 1950s or hand painted 1930s. I'm going to give it a clean before I post it here, so it's looking its best.

K x

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