First Post!

So, this is the first post then. I haven't got the hang of the design of the blog yet, but hopefully I can fiddle about with that, to make it look a bit less clunky.

The reason for this blog is to show some of the things I've been making and also some of my charity shop buys. I began to knit again about 3 years ago, after learning in Primary School, and have been knitting ever since picking up the needles again. More recently, I have begun to make my own clothes. So far, mixed (mostly poor) results but I'm hoping to improve. What's been really inspiring is seeing all the amazing sewing and vintage blogs online. I could only hope to be half as successful as some of my favourites!

As for the charity shops, well, I love a bargain. I tend to visit charity (and vintage clothing) shops a few times a week and have picked up some great stuff. Mostly there is a lot of rubbish to be waded through, but it makes finding that great thing even better.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my crafty efforts and my adventures in vintage. I will post some photos of my recent vintage finds tomorrow.

K x

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