Pretty China

Following my antique fair visit, this is the jam pot I purchased;

Cute, eh? All for £3.50, complete with (admittedly slightly manky) spoon. The design is so fantastically 50s, I couldn't resist. Last time I was at the Fair, I bought this adorable 1930s soup bowl;

It's so elegant and Art Deco-influenced, I absolutely love it. Compared to the size of the soup bowls that come with crockery sets today, it's exceptionally dainty too. The last picture for today is of the tea set I bought last week. It's a four place setting with cup, saucer and tea plate. I don't know the date and am unfamiliar with the maker (Claire) but it looks maybe 1960s or 1970s to me. I think it's quite elegant and for £2.40 for the set, it would have been a crime not to buy it!

As this blog is intended to be about what I'm MAKING and not just buying (ahem!) I will update with what I have been making with my next post. Unless some more fantastic china falls into my lap....!

K x

p.s I did manage to get the watch working, and yes, and it was a simple matter of pulling out the winding dial thingy.


  1. Love the jam pot!

    Little Rachael Vintage

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    Laura from Italy


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