You can't quite tell from this photograph, but this is actually a moneybox - the slot is just behind the handle. I think the labels really make this item, as it would be pretty dull without them.

There are no marks on the piece, just 'Portugal' stamped on the base, so I don't know a maker or date. I'm guessing it might date to the 1950s or 1960s, judging by the style of the labels. BOAC was the British State Airline, and was around until 1974, when it merged to form British Airways. I found a lovely image of a cheerful BOAC stewardess here - her uniform has quite a military look to it, and is far removed to the kind of outfit seen on the likes of budget airline employees.

Like the suitcase, it harks back to a time when air travel was exciting and glamorous, which is rarely the case these days.

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