Dress, dresses and a soup bowl.

I've not blogged for a while. Not because I haven't been thinking about it but I think that a post should always have pictures, and pictures I do not always have.

I finished the bird dress and was pretty pleased with the results. I'll post a photo of me wearing it as it doesn't look like too much on the hanger. So what's my next project? This:

I think I'm going to go for the sleeveless version thought I also like the 3/4 sleeve one. I'm planning to get material for the toile this weekend and maybe some material for the dress, depending on what the wonderful Mandors still have in their sale.

My other pattern purchase is this:

It's one of those reissued vintage patterns. To be honest, now I've received it, I'm not sure that I like it quite so much as I thought. The lovely full-skirted black dress is in fact an over skirt made from organza or similar, which fits over the other straight dress. Not sure I'd really be bothered with that to be honest. The slim dress is nice, although I have decided that fuller skirts suit me better. Hey ho, I might make it or I might re-sell it.

Other than the sewing I've been knitting a couple of neck warmers as presents - it was supposed to be one but half way through I decided that the intended recipient might prefer I different colour. So the first one will be a gift for my mum. Nothing like getting an early start on Christmas presents!

And so, the soup bowl;

Isn't it an absolute beauty? A gorgeous piece of art deco ceramics. When I saw it, on one of my charity shop trawls, I had to immediately go to the bank for the cash required to buy it (£2.99). Maker is Royal Venton Ware and the mark dates from 1927 to 1936.

This is the second elegant, two-handled soup bowl I have. Perhaps that's how collections start?

K x

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