Autumn Makes Me Want to Knit

There's something about the weather getting colder that makes me want to knit, knit, knit. There is definitely a connection with the temperature and my desire to pick up my needles and shop for lovely wool.

This is my recently completed and blocked beret, worn today for the first time. I'm really quite pleased with it and hope that it doesn't end up stretching too much over time.

And this is my completed baby hat, modelled by a helpful ashtray.

Sewing wise, I've got the material to make the toile for a dress but really, I could do with a new skirt rather than a sleeveless dress. And (back to the knitting) I've just ordered some wool to make Kim Hargreaves' Rosa. The wool was ordered online from Kemps, as it was about £10 cheaper than John Lewis. Just hope I like it when it arrives, and the colour is the shade I think it is! I do like to support independent wool shops but we don't have any in Glasgow, following the closure of K1 Yarns. I always try and shop at the K1 Yarns in Edinburgh though, and other wool shops as I find them.

And so to some finds.....

I bought 4 of these beautiful hand-sewn napkins for just 49p each. As a regular charity shop visitor, I see so many pretty pieces of hand-embroidered table linen that I resist buying because I have no use for them. I would love to use them in some crafty endeavour, but don't think I could bring myself to cut them up either.

However these were a bit different and so beautifully made with tiny stitches I would never have the patience to do. They are all different but are kind of in two pairs with matching edging. Just too pretty to pass up....

K x


  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I've been reading your blog for awhile now, so I recognised your name right away! Yes, the Great Western Road address is where I found The Life Craft (thank you Google Maps!), but I think a place called the Yarn Cake Lounge ( opening soon and they are going to be a wool shop/cafe... Exciting times for Glasgow!

  2. Oooooh, that's great news! It certainly is exciting, as there is a sewing cafe opening shortly in the city centre called Make It Glasgow. It has a Facebook page which I've been eagerly following too!


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