Back from Holiday

I'm back, after a fantastic two week holiday - I feel like I've been away for much longer! We visited relatives in England (Liverpool, Worcestershire and Wiltshire) and then spent a week in Brighton. The above photo is from the beach at Bexhill, I'll post a few more photos of the trip later on but first and foremost, the holiday crafting....

All of the knitting was hat-based. Hats are an ideal travel project, being usually quite straightforward as well as easily portable and not heavy to carry around. The above photo is a hat for my Dad in progress. It's a two layer, super-warm one, that I failed to buy enough yarn for as I mis-read the instructions. I will be buying more yarn this week and hopefully get it finished asap.

Buying the yarn DID give me the chance to visit a fabulous wool shop in Malvern, The Knitting Parlour. I wish I lived closer to it as I could have spent a lot of time (and money) there on their wonderful selection of wools.

This beret is made from the camel/caramel wool in my last post. It's blocking at the minute but I will be interested to see what it's like when dry. It looks a bit bigger than some of my other berets, which I wanted, but as it's made in DK I hope it won't be too floppy.

The final hat is a baby hat in a beautiful deep pink DK from the Sirdar Sublime range. I don't believe in making baby clothes from pastel colours as I don't really like them and think they can look quite old-fashioned.

The pattern is kind of improvised and will be a simple beanie-type hat. The wool is from Purl in Brighton.

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