Beautiful Ceramics from Brighton

Smile! As promised, I present some images taken at Brighton Art Gallery. I was particularly attracted to their amazing ceramics displays. Ceramics of all types and from a wide range of dates were displayed together, to make cases which looked really exciting and enticing.

This fabulous pair of cats, dating to 1880, were displayed in the same case as delicate artist-designed mid-century pottery by Eric Ravilious, and the equally gorgeous Acapulco ware by Villeroy & Boch.

Acapulco cup and saucer by Villeroy & Boch (from chinasearch)

I have a particular soft spot for this ware, as my mum has a breakfast set in this pattern.

Another case displayed Hornsea pottery just below Clarice Cliff;

I loved how they put something as fetishised as Clarice Cliff with a more everyday, but equally iconic ware from Hornsea.

Another room showed the ceramics collection donated by a local man, and displayed as he had originally intended, being divided into categories such as Conviviality & Teetotalism and Domestic Incidents.

I'm such a fan of ceramics, and one day would love to have a collection with just some of the fantastic items I saw in Brighton. At the minute, I tend to buy things I like, rather than being as focused as a specific date range, style, pattern or maker. Of course this is very enjoyable, but perhaps I should be more focused. My purchases are also confined by what will fit within my flat too - I try not to go too overboard.

I do have a soft spot for Art Deco and 1950s styles, but equally, bright 1960s patterns are just as attractive to me. I'm not really a fan of flowery styles, but I love seeing hand-painted details.

That's all for now, but my next post will look at some of my recent knitting. And maybe, just maybe, another Sencha...

K x

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