Charity Shop Fabric

Oh happy days, when you find a charity shop with fabric in amounts worth buying. Today I bought this;

1.5 metres worth of striped medium weight cotton for £2.50. I think it would look really smart as a blouse, perchance the fabulous Sencha, of which I have already made 2. Not very imaginative I know, but practical! It's got a bit of nautical feel, which I like.

I also purchased 2.9 metres of this;

It's a lighter weight fabric, possibly a cotton mix in green with thin stripes of red and yellow. I think it would make a lovely dress, though it's really not the weather to think about making such a dress, out of light weight material! It was also £2.50, so a bit of a bargain, I think.

I was also excited to see that Colette Patterns have released a new dress, Crepe, a wrap dress aimed at beginner level sewers. I still have to tackle Beignet, which I've had for a good few months. I think I should make it my next project and not wimp out with another Sencha - I need a challenge!

On a different subject - when I started this blog I hinted that there may be some museum-related stuff. So I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos from a Museum visit on holiday in Brighton. They have an AMAZING ceramic collection, and as vintage ceramics are a love of mine, I was in heaven!

Until then,

K x


  1. yes!! i love thrift store fabric, too. these look like great finds. looking forward to seeing what you make!

  2. Score! I would be jumping up and down over those bargains!


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