A find, but NOT a make!

It's a bank holiday weekend, and I'm settling down for some crafting. Thought I'd share a couple of pictures from a knitting pattern book I bought this week. I don't normally buy knitting patterns because of the funny pictures, as let's face it. there are a lot of terrible pattern pictures out there! However I just couldn't resist the book that contained these beauties...

Wow. Let's hope it doesn't rain, or that outfit is going to weight a ton. Don't think that colour is too practical for a farm yard either.

Perhaps this model misinterpreted the photographer's instructions to try and look relaxed and pose naturally.

I was sure there must be a Flickr group dedicated to bad knitting patterns - I couldn't find one but did come across, Knitting Pattern Handsome, which comes pretty close. I particularly like this smouldering man with a chicken, and this dazzling chap.

Such extravagant woolen outfits make my own knitted efforts seem pretty modest. I'm currently working on a pair of fingerless gloves, Fetching by Cheryl Niamath, for a friend's birthday.

Now I'm off to create something with the striped fabric I bought last week, and take a break from the recent knitting surge,

K x

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