The House of Eliott

One of my favourite things to do is spend a Saturday afternoon knitting or sewing while watching TV. My favourite recent television rediscovery is The House of Eliott. I used to watch it when it was on BBC 1 in the early 1990s, though on re-watching it again, I had realised that I had forgotten virtually everything about the story.

For those who don't remember, it centres around the lives of the two Eliott sisters, Bea and Evie, who set up a fashion house in 1920s London. It's worth watching for the beautiful 1920s fashions and interiors alone. However the story of how two women build their own business from scratch and break away from their sheltered upbringing is also worth watching. I'm not pretending it's Oscar-worthy stuff, but is definitely worth a watch. I bought the DVDs from Amazon for just for £10 each per series.

There are a few clips of the first episode on You Tube, but I've chosen this one, where Evie gets her distinctive 20s bob haircut;

Whilst looking on You Tube, I also found the French & Saunders parody, 'The House of Idiot' - also worth a watch!

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  1. This really made me smile - I don't have a TV but I was at home last week and managed to catch an episode of The House of Elliott, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a similiar look and production values to Jeeves and Wooster so I'm thoroughly tempted to pick up the DVDs!


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