Progress Report

In my short blogging experience, I've come to realise that my photographs are pretty rubbish. All of my favourite blogs are the ones with great pictures. But dammit, my photos are functional rather than beautiful.

It can be really nice to see other peoples' projects coming together online through their photos, and with that in mind I present....

Rosa by Kim Hargreaves (well, she designed the pattern and I did the knitting...)

I really love the style of Kim's patterns as they have a great vintage look. However one problem I've found is that they can be pretty boring to knit. Row upon row of stockinette stitch, particularly in 4 ply which doesn't knit up quickly, is incredibly dull. I already have one unfinished cardigan hidden in the cupboard that I grew tired of knitting.

So far with Rosa, the pattern has struck a good balance of being simple to knit but having a few things to remember each row. The above picture represents about 3 weeks of knitting, made alongside another knitting project and a sewing one.

I've also come to realise that stockinette has its merits, as it's much easier to talk to people, watch TV or look out the window of the train when you're knitting stockinette. That said, I think the back of the jumper will be considerably less interesting.

My sewing project, as previously mentioned, is yet another Sencha;

I'm using the afore-blogged striped fabric for the project. This is my third version of the pattern but the first time I've tried a button version, and this one also has tucks at the neck.

When preparing the project, I didn't make a connection between the issue of sewing with stripes and making tucks. So, while I'm really pleased with how the tucks and neckline have turned out, it was a bad choice of fabric to use. The above photo shows the half-made item, with the odd-looking striped tucks.

I'm persevering with the blouse nonetheless, and will then finally, FINALLY move on to a new sewing project.

K x


  1. I think the stripes are great with the tucks! I'm impressed with how much you get done in 3 weeks.

  2. Thank you! :) It feels like I've been knitting non stop in my free time for a few weeks now, which has been great.

  3. did you do a SBA on the sencha? if so, how?


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