Winter Knitting

As previously mentioned, I've been very much enjoying knitting as the weather has been getting colder. I'm still slogging away at the Rosa short-sleeved jumper - I've finished the front and am about halfway up the back. You can see my work-in-progress peeking out of the knitting bag above.

I'm not sure that I'm totally sold on the green wool I've chosen but hopefully I'll like it when it's sewn up and completed. With hindsight, I wish I'd gone for a neutral colour such as a grey, and used a bright red for the contrast trim.

Despite my dislike of patterns which require endless rows of stockinette, I've been enjoying this knit. However that hasn't stopped me taking on smaller projects at the same time. It's nice to be able to complete a short project to help keep the momentum going with the longer knit. I've knitted two pairs of Fetching fingerless mitts, the first in pink and the second in purple.

They're a great knit, a lovely pattern and quick.

Following a visit to K1 Yarns in Edinburgh, I purchased 3 skeins of beautifully soft Artesano Aran in a raspberry shade. I will be making the Little Red Riding Snood, a hooded scarf with cabled borders. I'm really looking forward to knitting with the wool as it is so soft and the hood is so cosy-looking. I spent some time perusing the range of Artesano Aran colours. I loved all the bright shades, but as the item will be wrapped around my face I decided that I softer shade was required.

And of course, as the wool is aran, I will be using 7mm needles, and am looking forward to how quickly it will knit up, in contrast to my 4 ply/3.25mm project!

K x


  1. Hey, that's my pattern! I'm so excited you are making the snood! Let me know if you have any questions on it. I love mine, it keeps me so warm!

  2. Yep it sure is! :) I've been thinking of making a hood/snood for a while, and when I was in the shop a couple of weeks ago I was desperate to buy some yarn. I saw your pattern in the folder and it was the perfect enabler for a wool purchase!


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