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After a very frustrating hiatus, I am delighted to have our computer back, and I can get back to blogging properly. So, what have I been up to? Well, I have completed the back and front of Rosa, and three quarters of one of the sleeves. My Beignet is in progress, hopefully to be finished next weekend.

And I have finished my hooded scarf;

Looking a bit sleepy here...

I'm really pleased with it, it's lovely and cosy. For a bit more info, see my Ravelry account.

And I feel very guilty that I have not yet contributed to the Crafty Christmas Club - this week, I promise! I have just purchased the Crepe dress pattern so that I can participate in Gertie's sew-along which I'm very excited about as I haven't done a sew-along before.

And finally, another pic of me in my striped Sencha blouse. I think this one is marginally more flattering than the last one, which made me look a bit flat chested!

K x


  1. I am impressed. Getting the fit right is so important for a piece like this - I could never be so neat.

  2. Having gone away for the weekend I am WAY behind in my blog-reading. Your snood is fabulous!!!


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