Some NFOs (Nearly Finished Objects)

My Beignet skirt is nearing completion. All that remains is;

  • Sewing hem
  • Sewing on belt loops
  • The, er, massive and slightly scary task of sewing on buttons and making buttonholes
  • Finishing the ends of the belt.
But here's how it looks so far;

Bit creased...

Inside of the pockets - putting these together was the most exciting part of the project

My buttons - they cost a rather ridiculous 60p per button but matched so well that I couldn't resist

And my Rosa, short sleeved jumper with frills;



1st sleeve

2nd sleeve

I have to admit that I hate sewing up, but I still have a bit more knitting to do first. I need to join the shoulders to knit neckline edging and then knit 6 frills. Two of the frills require you to cast on a frankly ridiculous 360 stitches. I'm looking forward to seeing this finished though, as it's been a big project that I've been working on since September. It will be ready for Christmas anyway, now on the home strait with it.

I'm off to London next weekend, so am planning what I will be knitting on the 12 hours of journey time I have!

K x


  1. Your Beignet is looking good - I love the contrast lining. I just finished mine last week and was also terrified at the prospect of the buttonhole marathon! Here's a link to my blog where I talk about it
    Can't wait to see it finished. x

  2. Yay - spotty lining!
    Good luck with the button holes. My advice would be to do a few test button holes on the same fabric (same number of layers etc) and not to do the holes in the right order on the skirt - I found my first one is always good, the second crap etc, so by dotting up and down the skirt, varying quality was spread around - but maybe that's just my superstition!


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