Looking Back - A Review of Makes from 2010

I thought I would review what I've made in 2010, looking at my successes and failures of the year. I haven't included everything I made this year, just those projects which stuck out for me. Let's start on a high with the successes, in no particular order;

Fingerless Gloves, great pattern, quick easy knit using yarn I already had, and the recipient loved them. Perfect!

This was the 4th one of these I made - another gift, and they always seem to be well received.

From a vintage pattern, love them. In process of trying to add a fleece lining to ensure extra cosiness.

Love, love love this. It's called the Oatmeal Pullover. Great yarn and quick, easy pattern. As it's in the round - no sewing up!!! Wearing it as I type, and in process of making another with some small mods to the neckline.

London Beanie Hat for my husband to replace a similar one he lost. I changed it slightly to make it longer, as requested. Gets worn all the time, a great success.

My first Sencha. Love the fabric and did a not-bad job of the fit

Sencha #3 with neckline tucks and buttoned back, both of which features which I prefer. Dislike this picture, but you get the idea.

Leafy Lace Christmas Present scarf. Was delighted at how it turned out, and very pleased with the yarn I used.

Rosa. You must be bored of seeing it after my previous post? Don't care. Love it.

Beignet in wool (poor picture of). Worn it loads, planning another one, possibly in cord.

Double layer hat, I've made 2 of these as presents. They're super cosy

Hooded Scarf. Another really useful knit that I wear frequently and was particularly cosy during the recent cold weather

Now on to the failures...

Audrey in Unst cardigan. I was unhappy that it ended up being not very close fitting. And I hated the yarn I chose, which was a wool mix. Both of these issues were my fault as the pattern was great to work from, one of the clearest I've used. I still wear it, but I don't love it. Boo. I might make it again in the future if I find a DK wool I love. Hated knitting all that twisted rib, though it does look effective. Was so disappointed that I didn't love this as it seems to be such a favourite on Ravelry, and I've seen some lovely versions.

This blouse was the second piece of clothing I made, using the Burdastyle pattern Ute. I really struggled to understand the pattern, partly due to inexperience but also due to it being very badly written - it is supposed to be for a novice sewer after all! I hated the stupid puffy sleeves (which don't look so bad here) and disliked the fabric I chose. I also managed to rip a hole in the fabric at the shoulder due to over-zealous use of a seam ripper. Then, my machine refused to do the buttonholes for some reason, as if to support my own feelings about the blouse. I will likely return to it in the future to try again and add buttonholes and fix the rip. There is another version of the blouse with a neck tie which I might make one day, since I'm also not that keen on the collar either...

The final piece of clothing I wanted to show you is the skirt I made in my evening class using Vogue 8363. This was the first item of clothing I made, during my evening class last year. On completion I christened it 'Britain' Most Unflattering Skirt' for it is horrible. I would be willing to show a picture of myself wearing said monstrosity, were it not for the fact I have hidden it away somewhere I cannot remember. However as hideous as it is, I feel it cannot be counted as a true failure since it is the first piece of clothing I made, with a zip and lining and everything! Again, I am hoping to revisit this pattern and conquer it. Karen from Did you Make That? is making a skirt from this pattern, having chosen some beautiful fabric, so I think this might inspire me if I can see how the pattern can be used for good instead of frumpiness!

Overall, 2010 has been a great year of Makes for me. I've knitted some things I love and wear frequently and I have learned to make clothes using my machine, which I was unable to do this time last year. There haven't been many screaming failures, just a couple which I have learned from.

So what does 2011 hold make-wise? More sewing - some skirts and dresses and some more knitting of course! Once it gets into warmer weather I know I will be more inclined to sew too. Next post I will set out some of the things I intend to create this year.

Just before I go... Handmade Jane is having a giveaway on her blog of the 'Sew Serendipity' book and a bundle of fat quarters of Liberty fabric. Too good to miss out on!

K x

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  1. That is a lot of nice stuff. I especially love the bench blouse. I love the fact that you knit as well. I wish I could. I started a scarf last year, and got tired.


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