Fabric Shopping and an Award

This afternoon I'm heading to Mandors, to buy some fabric for another Beignet skirt or one of the 50s dresses I have recently purchased. I think I might be developing an addiction to 50s dress patterns but I'm not allowing myself to buy any until I have made at least one of the patterns I've already purchased!

Anyway, I'm also posting about the Stylish Blogger award I have kindly been awarded by Roisin of the Dolly Clackett blog. As she's such a stylish lady I am counting this as quite a compliment! So, the idea is that I have to link back to the person who gave me the award, give 7 facts about myself and nominate 7 others. I thought it was a nice idea, and as my own blog doesn't really cover much of the rest of my life beyond making and finding (it's not very interesting otherwise) it was a nice chance to share a bit more about myself.

Here are 7 facts about me...

  1. I love watching professional darts. So much so that on our wedding night, my husband and I went to watch a darts tournament. I'm not fussed on playing because I hate doing the scoring (mental arithmetic, ugh). It's a very under-rated sport but addictive, honestly!
  2. I got married last year, and we had 9 guests at our wedding (close family) and only told all our friends about it a few days before.
  3. I love Radio 4 and listen to it every morning (the Today programme is surely the best morning news programme in the world, bar none) and frequently throughout the day. I particularly love it at night when I catch the shipping forecast, National Anthem and Sailing By. I don't listen to them on purpose but it feels quite special, and like being part of a long standing British Tradition to hear them.
  4. I like it when the phrase 'mandarin' gets used on the news, in the context of 'Whitehall Mandarin' or similar, as I like to imagine an orange wearing a hat, but embroiled in a serious political issue. (Yes, that one is really silly!)
  5. I enjoy a good cheesy action film - the more low budget and badly scripted the better. 
  6. I do enjoy a Sausage and Egg Bagel from McDonalds every now and then - I never usually eat at McDonalds or Burger King but somehow I developed a liking for the sausage and egg bagel, which comes with a piece of processed cheese that sticks to the back of your teeth as soon as you eat it.
  7. I still watch Neighbours. It's so silly and throwaway, but I just love it. Watching Neighbours also means I can participate in the wonderful 'Art of Neighbours' group on Facebook, where people submit poor renderings of scenes from the show, made using MS Paint. It's really fun.
So, now I would like to pass this award on to seven other stylish bloggers (in no particular order).....
  1.  Kristen of Kristenmakes. She creates such beautiful knits and designs her own patterns.
  2. Jane of Handmade Jane is a super-productive seamstress with a great eye for pattern and a very enviable sewing room!
  3. Debi of My Happy Sewing Place who creates just amazing outfits from vintage patterns
  4. Roobeedoo, who sews and knits, and makes lovely socks that might be enough to persuade me to try sock knitting myself.
  5. Lucy from TĂȘte en l'Air who has very nearly completed her list of 28 things to do before she's 29 and makes a lovely variety of crafty creations
  6. Becca of Knit Happens, Jane Austen fan and knitter
  7. Shivani of Pins and Needles, a new blogger and sewer who already has a gorgeous selection of fabrics to work with (yes, I am jealous!)
That's all for now - I hope you have a great weekend, whatever you're up to!

K x


    1. I once got very addicted to the darts when I was off school poorly, I watched the whole tournament I think - it's defiitely compelling!

      Thanks for the award, I did one similar a couple of months ago so will have to have a good think to come up with 7 MORE interesting facts haha! Will have to check out some of those other blogs you listed too, sound interesting! :)

    2. You're welcome! - I won't be offended if you (or anyone else) doesn't join in, though I'm sure there are plenty more interesting things about you to share. Glad to have found a fellow darts fan too :)

    3. Ah! thank you!!! I love #4 on the list :-) oh, and I still need to go to Mandors!!

    4. Thank you! What a lovely compliment, I'm so flattered, will post on my blog when I've thought of some interesting facts(!). The darts bit had me laughing out loud and I also like the word 'mandarin' x

    5. WOW! Thanks! What an honour... I'm jealous you are making another Beignet - I really need to get started on my first!

    6. Oh crikey! Thank you! I will have to think about this - it's a while since I did one of these and I don't want to repeat myself! Looking forward to seeing what you bought and what you make with it!

    7. Oh hooray, I'm glad you're all pleased, I know not everyone likes these kind of things but I thought it might be fun, and I so enjoy reading all of your blogs too.

    8. Hey, thanks so much for the mention - how exciting!! I feel all privileged. And yes, Neighbours will always have a place in my heart too, but it's just not the same since they moved it to channel 5. Karl and susan forever! Hee hee!


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