Lately I've been finding it difficult to get stuck into any one particular project. It's due to a combination of wanting to make so many things and also wussing out of projects when they get tricky - which is all too easy if you've got a few things on the go at once.

My knitting class has been great but is a culprit in filling my head with new things - a cabled hat one week, then a shawl and then socks. I also developed a mini-obsession with vintage patterns and really need to be strict with myself so I must make at least 2 of them before I think about buying any more. On top of this, I started making a skirt, which I ended up making too small, so put to the side and then started my Advance 7968 dress, on which I've been trying to get the fit right. So, er, I've since started cutting out the fabric for another Beignet skirt. Bad! I need to finish SOMETHING. So, I thought I'd try and set some sewing goals to keep me in line...

  1.  Advance 7968 to be finished by my birthday (March 20th)
2. Finish my Oatmeal Pullover this weekend (easy, it's nearly done!)

3. Sort out the fit issues with my skirt, Simplicity 7995 (View 2) made using leftover wool from my first Beignet, and finish making it by the 27th March

4. Cut the lining fabric for my Beignet and have it finished by the 10th April

5. Finish my mini shawl from knitting class at some point - I'll post pictures this weekend of my progress.

Then what? I'm keen to try making a blouse using this pattern;

Views 4 and 5 use jersey or knit fabric, which I've never sewn with before, but would like to try. Any tips?

I also need to find the perfect fabric for this dress too;

So much to do, but I'm hoping that setting some targets will help me get on with things. I'm looking forward to having some new things to wear too, finally!

How do you organise your projects - or not! Do you plan them ahead or have a few on the go at once?

K x


  1. I am loving that blouse pattern! With and without the collar! I have no advice for you as I have about 5 knitting projects and 4 sewing projects on at the moment (including the beignet, finally!). It is an ongoing struggle to keep them in check!

  2. I think I might follow your lead here, I have so many ideas floating in my head of what I want to do, then just end up faffing about and wasting my time - priority goes to the baby blanket for the little girl who's already three weeks old! :O

  3. Glad I'm not the only one! :) I feel like I shouldn't be too strict with myself as I'm doing these things for enjoyment after all, but I'd probably get a lot more satisfaction if I saw things through properly.

  4. I think it's a good idea to set yourself goals, especially if you're like me and keep getting lured off track by sewalongs! I like the fact you've put date deadlines next to each project, that's what I do and the feeling of satisfaction as I tick each one off is oh so sweet! x

  5. I love my goal posts, it keeps me organized and shames me into finish projects! Good luck!!


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