A Gift of Vintage Knitting Patterns

When I got home from work yesterday, I was absolutely delighted to open an envelope full of vintage knitting patterns. The sender of the patterns was an elderly lady who I've never met, the mother of the cat breeder who bred our Siamese kitten that we got a few months ago (the reason we ended up getting a pedigree Siamese cat is another story!). The cat breeder, Ann, was very interested to hear that I was a knitter and also that I liked vintage patterns.

Ann also knitted and told me that her mother had a great collection of vintage patterns, and that I should give her mum a ring. This I did - we had a great chat about knitting, and she promised to send me some patterns in the post. And look what I got!

Some lovely lace sweaters;

(I don't know what is going on with this lady - she looks like she has left the hanger in that jumper, or she is wearing some serious shape wear!) 

A Wendy vintage knitting pattern book;

A few of the patterns from the Wendy book;

 Fantastic fitted cable cardigan with a collar

I love the effective use of knit stitch on this cardigan 

Really cute top for the summer - I like the deep ribbing at the collar

The only problem is going to be trying to add these to my already busy knitting and sewing schedule. I actually don't have too much experience knitting with vintage patterns - I've made some Nordic mittens but that's it I think. I know that some can be quite minimal with the instructions but these look ok, particularly the Wendy ones. 

Have you had any good or bad experiences with vintage knitting patterns?

K x


  1. the patterns look absolutely lovely. enjoy your knitting

  2. I love that cable cardie and the fact that the patterns have prices on in 'old money' :)


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