A Vintage Sewing Box & Teapot - A Quick Post of New Finds

I had yesterday off work as it is my birthday this weekend (tomorrow). I had a really lovely relaxed day with my husband, we went for lunch and I got to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes of going to charity shops.

When I saw this sewing box in the window I just fell in love with it;

Isn't it cute? I'm lucky to have an indulgent husband who was happy for me to buy it, in the hope that all my sewing stuff might be kept a bit tidier. Here's hoping! I'm a real sucker for any piece of furniture with legs that also looks a bit 1950s/60s.

We also grabbed this gorgeous teapot;

I've seen these teapots in a few different places and they're pretty iconic. They're made by a firm called Masters and its called the 'Stay Hot Teapot' - you can see that it comes with its own chrome cover and inner felt lining. It's designed to be used with loose tea instead of teabags, as you can see from the perforated ceramic cylinder that fits inside the pot. I need to find a bottle brush before I use it, as the inside of the spout needs a good clean, as well as having to purchase some loose tea. I'm so looking forward to trying it out!

K x


  1. What great finds!

  2. Oooh you lucky thing, I wish charity shops near me had such fab stuff (they're generally rubbish). I like the sewing table but I LOVE the teapot, I've got the coffee pot version! Happy birthday for tomorrow. x

  3. Thank you both. I was delighted with my finds - I go to a LOT of charity shops, most of which aren't great so it's particularly exciting to go to a good one. I like the sound of your coffee pot too Jane !

  4. Wow! Fabulous find! Happy birthday tomorrow! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


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