Finished Object - Simplicity 7995 Skirt (or, The Skirt that Almost Never Was)

You know those projects that make you think "This will be really quick/easy," but then end up taking ages and being quite tricky? Step forward Simplicity 7995.

I had wool left over from my Beignet skirt, plus some lining fabric, and had bought the pattern for £2 in a charity shop some time ago. I thought I would make view 2, a straight skirt with side zip. All very straightforward. I began the make on 20th January, and finally finished on....27th March. This was the target I set myself, so pat on the back to me for that, at least! So, what took so long?

After cutting the fabric and sewing the side seams I tried it on and it was far too big. I adjusted with pins, to find that it needed 1 inch taken off each side. Cutting done and seams re-sewn on both wool and lining - it was now too small. Argh! This has happened to me before, where I have taken in the fabric by far too much after fitting with pins. I think I need to take into account that there is more give with a pinned seam than a sewn seam. At this point, I abandoned the skirt and moved on to a new project, until I set myself a deadline to force me into finishing it, as explained in this post.

When I picked up the skirt again, I ripped out the seams and re-sewed, leaving only a small seam allowance. I couldn't be bothered doing the same with the lining, so I discarded the lining completely. I also did a lazy hem of only folding the fabric once instead of twice, so you can see the raw edge inside, instead of it being neatly turned over and hidden - "It's wool, and won't fray", I reasoned. But this was also a lazy move on my part. However I figured that my options were to take a couple of short cuts or leave the skirt languishing unfinished, which I felt could easily have happened.

Me in the finished skirt - also the debut wear for my self knitted jumper, Rosa as it's been too cold to wear since I finished it back in January

I would describe the finished article as adequate - I've actually worn it quite a few times as it's a practical skirt, but it is by no means perfect.

Looks ok from this view

Fit looks a bit dodgy here

It looks not bad from the back

Close up of wool I used (ignore the buttons, they're from the Beignet)

I am quite aware that I made a few short cuts to get it finished which I shouldn't have, but these were done in the effort to get it finished before I lost interest in it for good. I'm glad I avoided this skirt becoming a UFO (unfinished object), as it came perilously close, and have decided that it was worth the short cuts. Another self-made item added to the wardrobe!

Have you got any tips for avoiding unfinished objects?

K x


  1. My only tip would be to do what you've done and make it public so you're accountable. I've done that with the lazy hem before and I regret it now - you're might be fine though!

    (Spotted your table which matches mine! Impeccable taste!) x

  2. I only have one bobbin, so I am forced to finish a project before I can change the thread to another color. It is very effective, for me at least!

  3. I am all for shortcuts to a FO! The skirt looks great, and I love it with the knitted blouse!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    I think you might be right that making it public is good as I will be too embarrassed to make shortcuts all the time - once in a while is fine though I thnk.

    Molly, I like your strict approach too!

  5. I take short cuts all the time, I just keep quiet about them! Looks great with your jumper and shoes. x

  6. I'm also a bit of a cowboy sewer and love a shortcut! but I always feel so much more satisfied with the final piece when I take the time to do things properly... I do find that working on something else for a while helps though. I think the skirt and the jumper both look great, well done!

  7. I'm just lazy to change the thread of the sewing machine to divert projects, so it forces me to finish them before changing spools again, lol. For me it works well .... Love your sweater, I'm really in love with it!

  8. Thanks for your comments Jane, Caroline & Rosy!

    So, shortcuts are good, in secret and in moderation :) Rosy, you and Molly have the same approach!


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