Me Made June - I'm In!

'I, Kerry of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June '11. I endeavour to wear 1 handmade item each day for the duration of June 2011 and create 2 re-styled garments'

I'm really looking forward to being part of the Me Made June challenge, organised by Zoe of So Zo. This is the fourth monthly challenge that has been organised since the first 'Me Made May' in 2010. Although I've always followed it with interest, I've not participated before. The idea behind it is pretty much as stated above - if you're a sewing blogger you will most likely know all about it, but you can find out more on the blog. I think it will really show up the strengths and weaknesses of my hand-made wardrobe and encourage me to make useful and wearable items, when I see what I need.

I've decided that wearing one hand-made item per day will be challenge enough for me, however I am also going to delve into the new world of 're-styling' by making 2 garments from other items. I've got one particular project in mind (all will be revealed...) but I shall also be scouring charity shops for items suitable to be altered in some way. After see the great job Lucy from TĂȘte en L'Air did with 2 charity shop dresses recently, I feel inspired.

On a different note, I've noticed that I've been getting a lot more hits on my blog recently (anyone else check Blogger stats, er, several times a day?!). So if you're a new visitor, hello! And thanks to everyone who has been following and reading for a while, and to everyone who takes the time to comment too.

I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend. Mine will be spent relaxing, knitting and hopefully doing a bit of sewing too.

K x


  1. Ahh, glad my bit of button sewing inspired you!! Best of luck with this challenge - WHAT a challenge, I'd love to have enough handmade clothes to even comtemplate it, couldn't even do a week the way things stand!

  2. Hoorah, go for it! I'm going to take the challenge too. x

  3. i'm taking this challenge too. I have no clue how I will go thru it, but its.inspiring me to be more creative. You know, thanks to you, I've been receiving more hits too. Your site is the highest referral site to my blog.

  4. Cheers Lucy, and looking forward to seeing your outfits Jane and Dibs.


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