Red Florals & Sewing Goals

In February I posted about some sewing goals I had decided to set myself after finding that I kept starting projects and not finishing them. So far I have met all these goals - here's a summary of how I've been getting on;

  1. Advance 7968 50s Dress finished for 20th March - Done
  2. Oatmeal Pullover finished by 26th February - Done
  3. Simplicity 7995 wool skirt finished by 27th March - Done (not yet photographed)
  4. Beignet finished by 10th April - In progress
  5. Finish Mini Shawl - Done
Pat on the back to me! I hope I can finish my Beignet for the 10th in order to maintain my record. I have added a list to the sidebar of the blog with my current projects, and today bought some fabric for two of them;
  • Sewaholic's Crescent Skirt - I'm participating in the sewalong

I've chosen a summery red floral and plan to make version A

I might be the only sewing blogger not to have made the Pendrell blouse - I think it's really pretty but I don't think it would suit my shape as my shoulders are my widest point and the ruffles would only serve to exaggerate them. The skirt looks fun and summery, and while the pattern is also aimed at pear shapes, I think the measurements should still work for me.
  • Simplicity 6138 Top - I'm going to make View 5, with 1/2 length sleeves 

 I chose this red floral jersey - I've never sewn with jersey before, but if this make is successful I am planning to make a few of these tops in different fabrics for work. I've found that most of the jersey I've seen is striped, and while I love a stripe, I wanted something a bit different.

I'm also pleased to have revived a knitting project I started nearly a year ago and abandoned - stripy socks! I had knit to just above the heel on the first one but then abandoned it. After we covered socks in my knitting class I decided to give them another go and finished the first one this week. I started on the second one immediately, before I forgot how I'd made the first one.

The sock is perhaps a bit baggy around the ankle but otherwise fits well and I'm really pleased with it. The yarn is good old Regia Kaffe Fassett self-striping sock yarn.

Anyone else participating in the Crescent sewalong?

K x


  1. Well done on keeping on track with your goals!

    I'll be doing the sew-along too! I just bought my fabric today - love your red floral print! My goal is to get my Sencha done before the sew-along. Thanks so much for the tips!

  2. Pat on the back to you!! Well done :) I love the red florals you have planned - so pretty!

  3. Big pat on the back indeed, and it looks as though you've still got plenty to keep you occupied! Can't wait to see how the skirt looks x

  4. Oh well done! Maybe setting a date helped - I just make "plans" and then forget about them. I really like that top pattern - I have something similar in mind for "work tops" to get me through the summer.

  5. Cheers Lucy and I agree, Roo, that setting a date has helped a lot. I'll have to pin down some dates for my next makes too, rather than keep being smug about my recent ones! :)

  6. Good goals and great progress! I'm excited to see your Crescent skirt! I decided not to do it as I currently have a lot of other projects but maybe someday! I really like the idea of a list and deadline, I'm thinking of what I would put on my list.

  7. Congrats on your sewing progress. I really like your fabric choices and love your socks. Good luck for the Crescent sewalong - I like the skirt (and Pendrell), but they just aren't right for my body shape. Can't wait to see them.

  8. Love the red floral! I'm doing the sew-along too but still haven't decided on fabrics... there's too much choice out there!


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