Seasonal Knitting. I've Not Cracked It.

I'm really not very good at making things for the right season at the right time. It's not so much a problem with sewing, but as knitting is a longer process, it's a bit more noticeable. I encountered this with my Rosa sweater;

I finished this in January, but it was too cold to wear it for 3 months - definitely bad calculation on my part.

I think I've got the same issue with my recently-started cable cardigan. So far I've made good progress on the back and I've just started to reduce stitches at each edge to form the armholes;

I love the cable pattern and the choice of yarn, however I'm on my 3rd ball of wool already (the pattern requires 12 50g balls) and am realising that this cardigan is going to be COSY. Which is great, as living in the UK, warm clothes are the order of the day. However as I'm probably going to finish this at the beginning of the Summer, it may be a bit warm to wear it much.

On the other hand, let's hope it really is too warm to wear it much for a while, particularly as I will probably be remaining in Scotland for holidays this year!

Anyone else have the same issues with making the wrong thing at the wrong time?

K x


  1. Yes. Always. By the time I get round to knitting my cotton jumper it will be winter again and I will probably have worn out all my summer blouses by the time I finish the toning cardigan. I can see why people buy ready made knitwear!

  2. Hi Roo, I've never knitted using cotton, though I have some in my stash. I really need to look into what I might want to make with it.

  3. Wow! your rosa sweater is amazing!
    I even buy op-shop items totally out of season, but you have to thrift what you can / make what inspires you at the time, I say.

  4. That's a good point NLP, it can be a good time to look for things on ebay for the wrong season too.

  5. Oh, yes! I make the wrong things for the wrong time all the time - LOL! I've been known to sew fleece and corduroy items in the midst of a summer heatwave! :P

    I adore your Rosa sweater - it's soooo gorgeous! How about layering a long sleeved top underneath for the cooler months? Pretty and practical.

    Your new cardigan is so lovely! The colour is beautiful and I love the cables, too. It will be a great layering piece for cooler days and nights. :)

  6. Hi Sarah, yes I think layering will be the way to go. Always a useful tactic in the UK, where the weather changes so much in one day :)

  7. It is looking lovely and come wintertime, you'll be happy to have it finished by then! I understand the frustration though.

  8. I'm very bad at making seasonally appropriate garments! For one thing, I have made zippo winter garments and then I'll make lots of fun summer things in the winter. Oh well! I'll wear them eventually I figure. With knitting...then I really could care less because it takes me SO LONG to make anything. I've still yet to make a whole sweater :(


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