Some Lovely Blogs

Blog awards seem to be pretty common in the world of blogging. Nonetheless, it is always nice to be recognised! I have Magpie Mimi to thank for her kind mention of me for the above blog award. The idea behind this one is that you have to link back to the person who nominated you, and nominate some smaller blogs to give them a bit of love and attention. As a blogger with a small following myself I think this is a really nice idea as I know how lovely it is to know that someone is reading your posts. I tend to feel a lot more inclined to comment on smaller blogs too, rather than with some of the most high profile bloggers, where my (oh so valuable!) thoughts are lost in a huge list of praise for the particular post. I very much appreciate everyone who takes the time to follow or comment on my own blog.

I have previously nominated a few people for the Stylish Blogger award so thought I would mention a few people I haven't mentioned before but whose blogs I have discovered more recently. So, I'm sending some blogging love to....
  • Dibs and the Machine -A fan of fabulous florals who seems to be able to produced newly sewn items in no time at all
  • Donna from Hook and Stitch - A fellow blogger from Scotland, who also shares  my taste in sewing patterns and makes lovely crocheted blankets
  • Caroline from Rubies and Tigers - A sewing blogger who has just made a beautiful patchwork cushion and is also participating the Crescent Sewalong
I hope you're all having a good week. I have been working away on my Beignet, knitting striped socks, and regretting my decision not to buy any more patterns or wool (until I have made at least 2 items from existing stuff) after I saw this post from Roobeedoo with gorgeous vintage jumpers....too much temptation....

K x


  1. OMG......I can't believe this. lol...I have never been mentioned in anything. Now you've put me under pressure. If anything, I have to thank you, because I was loosing the mojo, but this is spurring me on. I wish I could I whip something up now. its gone 9pm already, and even if I could magically start something, I would not finish till morning. and I think my manager will not be amused.thanks. I'm going to show my husband this post, that will show him not to make fun of me.

  2. You're welcome Dibs! Look forward to seeing your next creation.

  3. Oh! *sniff* How absolutely lovely! I know what you mean about those valuable comments getting lost amongst 100 others... I'm just content knowing I'm not talking only to myself! Thanks very much and well done on your award x

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for the links to the new blogs too. x

  5. Hope you enjoy them too, Jane, and Caroline you're very welcome :)

  6. Oh my goodness, Kestrel, what a surprise. I'm honoured to be mentioned and feel totally undeserving as a beginner just muddling my way through. Thank you so much - I've come over all emotional. :)You've made my day.

  7. Yay, I'm so pleased Donna :)


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