Finished! Grey Floral Blouse Simplicity 2599

I think nearly every sewist in the world might have made this pattern, or is at least familiar with it. So, I present my version of the ubiquitous Simplicity 2599....

Pattern Used
Simplicity 2599, a sleeveless top with 3 ruffles on the front - View D

Does it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope? 
Yes, more or less. The ruffles are a bit wonky, but I was a bit slapdash with their application.
Were the instructions easy to follow? 
Yes, and the top is easy to put together. That said, I was a bit confused about the top ruffle and how it should be finished. The instructions seemed to show that the raw fabric edge would be shown. Instead of doing this, I sewed the inside facing over the top of the ruffle when sewing it on the top, meaning that the edge was caught inside.


What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? 
I dislike the mad sizing. I cut a size 12, which was HUGE, though I think that Simplicity patterns run quite large. My measurements matched with the size 14 (36" bust), though the finished bust size for the 14 was 41 1/2" which would have been far too loose for the fit I wanted. I like the ruffles - a simple touch that add a bit of interest to an otherwise plain top.
Fabric & Notions
I used a floral, silky man-made material of some kind. It was a charity shop purchase. It was not fun to work with as the slipperiness meant that some of my pattern pieces were a bit mis-shapen when I cut them out. It also creased really easily, so I had to keep re-ironing it. On the plus side, I think the floral pattern is forgiving of the botched bits, and the fabric sits nicely.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made
I made it without the zip and button at the back. Even with cutting a smaller size than I would normally cut, I took the top in an inch at each side, and still am able to slip it over my head without the need for a zip. As I sewed the top of the ruffle into the neckline facing, the ruffle kept wanting to spring up, so I made a couple of lines of stitches under the ruffle to keep it secured to the facing.

Additional stitching under the ruffle
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? 
I am planning to make it again in a plain fabric and would definitely recommend the pattern, though beware the sizing and check the finished bust size before cutting.

Around £8 - pattern was about £5 and fabric about £3 from a charity shop.
I really like this top and think it will be useful for wearing to work and am pleased to have used some fabric I've had in my stash for about a year. I've also finished it in time for Me Made June so it will be a useful way to boost my self-made wardrobe.

Aaaaaand finally, from the side.


  1. I ADORE it, Kestrel! What a beautiful top and so flattering on you! :)

  2. LOVE this! Fantastic blouse! And oh, how I love ruffles!

  3. Very flattering and the fabric is just beautiful (if slippery!) I'm the one other sewist who hasn't made this top yet, may have to remedy that! x

  4. Actually I am another sew-ist who has not yet made this top... we are all coming out of the closet now! I love the side view picture - it really shows all the detail. Fab!

  5. Wonderful! The fabric is beautiful, and the ruffles are a great touch! I haven't made it yet either, but I'm definitely snapping the pattern up when it comes on sale :)

  6. The fabric is so pretty. I like simple tops. They always look effortlessly cool. Did I mention I love the fabric?

  7. I love that fabric! The simple lines of this top are great. It really suits you. I like things that are not too fussy.

  8. Aha, so I'm not the very last person to use this pattern! I agree that the simplicity of the style makes it a really versatile top.
    Sarah, I was lucky enough to find it on 40% off at some weeks ago.


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