Me Made June - Days 10, 11 & 12

So, we're a third of the way into Me Made June, and here follows a round up of my outfits from the last three days....

 Day 10 - Leopard print Crepe back wrap dress, as blogged here, photo with Dot, looking exceptionally serious

Day 11- Sorbetto top made with a vintage tablecloth, as blogged here

Day 12 - Simple tunic/dress from a vintage Maudella pattern, made using bird print fabric from Ikea.

In the last photo you will see that I'm knitting - I was taking part in an event at a glass house in Glasgow, where a group of knitters get together to knit in public. This was my first time attending, and it was really fun. I'm on to knitting the first arm (nearly finished) of my vintage cable cardigan, which I am making steady progress with.

I hope you all had equally fun weekends!

K x


  1. The kitteh looks so serious in that picture, I love it!

  2. I do like Dot, she's a beaut.
    All your makes are fabulous. Best use of a vintage tablecloth ever! xxx

  3. Great outfits every single day! Love the pic of the cat looking mortified! x

  4. Love that first dress, really de-Bet-Lynches leopard print for me! xx

  5. Cheers - I'll pass on your comments to Dot. She needs to work on her photo face :)

  6. The crepe is lovely, and so are the rest. Dot's serious face is so funny. I keep meaning to go fabric shopping in IKEA. I'll probably wait for sale time. They do really good deals on their fabric.

  7. Love all of your outfits. Dot is too cute! :)


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