Me Made June - Days, 13, 14 & 15

Hello there!

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday's posts on my 1970s finds. I am so looking forward to using the fabric and patterns. I did go back for a further look at the patterns today, but nothing decent was left. I'm certainly not complaining though, after my fantastic haul.

Jane of Handmade Jane also alerted me that a photo of the buttons and piping on my Beignet skirt has been featured on a post on the crafterhours blog by Flossie Teacakes. Thanks Jane! The post is worth a read for some inspiration on how to add interesting features to a plain skirt.

Now onto my Me Made outfits for the last 3 days....

 Day 13 - Sencha blouse in striped cotton. I love the stripes but the material I used is really a bit thick to drape properly, so it doesn't sit as nicely as it should. It looks alright in this photo, but looks pretty terrible from other angles. Lesson learned, at least.

 Day 14 - Hand knitted jumper using the Oatmeal Pullover pattern. I love this jumper - the colour and style


So what am I up to at the minute? Knitting my cable cardigan - I've just begun the 2nd sleeve. I also have another Sorbetto in lovely cotton shirting in the pipeline, plus another restyle to show you before the edge of the month. And a dress to make for a wedding, plus knitting for the ever growing list of babies on the way. I'll be busy, no doubt!

K x


  1. Congrats at your photo being featured on Flossie's blog, that's so exciting! Love that blue jumper, and the new header too :) xx

  2. your me-made style is so cute and chic! I love it when handmades look non-handmade! I think it's a great testament for crafting, as so many people tend to write off making your own things because they look 'not as good' - that is totally untrue, and you prove it!

  3. Thanks Lucy, that jumper is a particular favourite of mine too.
    Thanks also Kristen, I've been really pleased with some of my recent makes, and am definitely improving the finish - especially on the inside, which is always a giveaway to a homemade item!

  4. You are so clever! You suit everything but I particularly love that last blouse, you look so elegant and Hepburn-like.
    That's the great thing about how caring the blogging community is, we're as delighted by our blog friends second-hand finds as we are our own. xxx


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