Me Made June - Days 16, 17 & 18

I'm pretty proud of myself - I made it to day 17 before I had to repeat a handmade item. I could have gone on a couple more days if I was a bit more organised with a couple of new items I have planned, but I've not done any sewing at all this week. After a couple of weeks where I sewed nearly every evening, I've given myself a break this week to concentrate on my knitting instead. I want to get my cabled cardigan finished for my holiday in July, and at this rate I'm well on track to do so.

I've added a new page to my blog with 'pending projects'. This is to help me remember what I want to do. Some are more immediate than others so I might assign times for them to be finished, but only if I feel I'm stick in a bit of a rut. I've been absolutely loving sewing recently so I don't think I need to be too strict with myself at the minute.

So, on to the outfits;

 On Day 16 I decided to break out my 1950s dress, as blogged here. I was at a preview for the new Riverside Transport Museum in Glasgow, and my idea was to get my photo taken in front of an 'era appropriate' vehicle. Unfortunately the museum is not yet finished - to the point that there were work men working during the preview, and hence the plastic barriers! This Glasgow Corporation double decker bus was the most appropriate vehicle I could get access to, but I think it works well with the dress!
Day 17 - My floral Crescent skirt, worn with sombre black. Well, it was a bit cold and rainy. I still got some compliments in work about how summery I looked!

 Day 18 - Needle cord Beignet, worn with striped top, and a new haircut. And it was raining again!

K x


  1. Lucy wants to know if you can take her to the museum when it opens. She also thinks your clothes are very pretty.


  2. You look great in all three pictures. Looks like you are getting more comfy being the model now. Me-Made-June is working well for you!

  3. I do like the new hair, very chic and pretty.
    Your makes are so good, totally professional and always stylish and you are a natural in front of the camera. xxx

  4. Bless you Susan and Vix! I've been getting quite used to photographing myself every day.

  5. Day 17 before a repeat, that's bloody good going! Thank you so much for the generous donation for my walk - only five days to go, I'm really getting scared! x


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