Me Made June - Days 23, 24, 25 & 26


I spent a busy weekend which included knitting/sewing up my cabled cardigan, which is very nearly finished, and making a new skirt (debuted on Day 26...). I also celebrated my blog-birthday with a giveaway. So, on to the outfits...

 Day 23 - Re-fashioned Laura Ashley Dress, as blogged here. I'm so delighted with this dress!
 Day 24 - Crescent skirt again

Day 25 - Simplicity 2593 Cynthia Rowley top

Day 26 - Decapitated picture, including my BRAND NEW A Line wrap skirt - self drafted (with guidance from a book - does that count as self drafted?). I've still to post about this one

I'm looking forward to the end of MMJ. I haven't even taken a photo of today's outfit as it's a repeat. Only 3 more days to go!

K x


  1. Your new self-drafted skirt is lovely - the details on the pockets are gorgeous!

  2. Self-drafted! Wow! It's fabulous, well done! x

  3. You are so talented. Loving every outfit and loving the project too.

  4. What great outfits! I love that wrap skirt and look forward to your post. Pretty please will you post a tutorial? I would love to make one!

  5. That new skirt is a triumph, such a quirky shape. Everything you make looks so professional. Do you ever have any complete disasters, or like me, a pile of half-makes? x

  6. Thanks ladies! I'd definitely be up for doing a tutorial for it, it was surprisingly easy to run up and is so so comfortable. I haven't had any disasters recently Vix but they do happen! I'm really on a sewing kick at the minute too so have been pretty motivated to get projects finished and not abandon them to start something new!

  7. Oh I love that new skirt! Well done, you self drafter!!!

  8. What a fabulous selection of outfits! Can I too request a tutorial for that wrap skirt? It looks great, well done you!


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