Charity Shop Haul

Today I was working in a different place from usual, and so got to visit some charity shops I haven't been to in a while. I might have got a little overexcited (ahem!) but I did make some great finds. Top of the list is this lovely jug with matching glasses:

Jug and 4 glasses (£4). I normally skim over the glassware sections of charity shops, since they mostly contain mismatched sherry glasses and the like. I do sometimes see the odd bit of glassware with painted with white and gilt patterns similar to these, but nothing to rival the set above. It will be nice to be able to offer guests water in matching glasses when we have people over for dinner, and hopefully I won't break them all.
A pair of Babycham glasses (£1.50)- yes, pretty cheesy. I used to have one when I was at university, but it got broken when some books fell off my bookcase, and I always felt sorry about it. Not sure how much use these will actually get!

 A couple of knitting patterns and 2 1960s Stitchcraft Magazines (£4 total)

Cross stitch table cloth (£1.49) - It was so pretty I couldn't resist

What do you look out for in charity shops, and have you made any good finds recently?

K x


  1. Nice treasures, I too was in a town I don't frequent much yesterday and got excited about the new charity shops, but alas nothing!

    I always look out for old sheets and curtains which can be used for fabric, and vintage Pyrex which is a big weakness of mine. I avoid the books at all costs as I will ALWAYS find SEVERAL that I fancy reading, but I just can't read them fast enough! xx

  2. What fabby things! I tend to avoid the glassware as I've got far too much but don't think I could have resisted the kitsch Babycham glasses or the glorious jug set either. x

  3. Thanks ladies! I also enjoy a rifle through the sheets and bed linens Lucy, and in fact recently bought a duvet cover I am planning to transform into a this space!

  4. ah! LOVE the Babycham glasses!

  5. I adore the babycham glasses! I am oh so envious!

    Lost in the Haze

  6. The pitcher set it gorgeous! Lucky find.

    I buy my workout tees at the thriftshops and I like to look for 70s type table linens (especially Vera or abstract florals) and tacky tea towels with maps or scenes. It's just fun to poke around and see what you can find :-)

  7. Noooo! Kerry it's no good waiting til winter to learn to crochet, you need to start now so you've got some snuggly blankets for the cold weather!

    Exciting about the duvet dress - looking forward to it! xx


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