Giveaway Winners!

Evening All!

If you're wondering what the soup bowl and jam pot are all about, they contain the winners of the blog birthday giveaway for buttons and a pattern. I'm doing the draw the traditional way, using pieces of paper rather than Internet-random-picking-magic. The soup bowl contains the entrants for the buttons (1930s soup bowl, 30s style buttons - see where I'm going here?) and the era-appropriate jam pot has the entrants for the 1950s repro pattern.

So, without further ado - drum roll please....And the winners are....

Miss P for the buttons and Caroline of Rubies & Tigers for the pattern - well done ladies!

Please email me at with your address and I will send your prizes to you.

K x


  1. Lucky things, I'm totally jealous.

  2. I'm jealos too, and of your lovely crockery!

    (PS pleased someone like the sandpaper tip - yikes to slugs lurking under the sofa though!!)

  3. Yay!!! I've never won a blog giveaway before! Thankyou so much and well done on a lovely blog :)

  4. Hooray! I'm VERY chuffed, thanks so much! Eeek, just hope I can do the pattern justice...

  5. Haha, i love the traditional way!!!!


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