Knitting Against the Clock...

 Collar in progress

 All the pieces together, awaiting sewing up

It's so very nearly finished. I've knitted the front sides, the back piece and the sleeves. All I have to do is finish knitting the collar, sew on the buttons then sew the pieces together and my knitted cable cardigan will be finished. Can I get it finshed before I go on holiday? I hope so - my holiday is in Scotland, so I'm well aware that a warm cardigan is the order of the day...

K x


  1. Very pretty color! Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Ooh, that's looking lovely! I'm looking forward to the big reveal :)

    I remember the first time I travelled to Edinburgh - I wore a wool jumper in August!

  3. I'm sure you will have it finished in time. Can't wait to see it. The colour is gorgeous!

  4. I adore the colour & the idea of it being a cable cardigan is just too perfect! Good luck with finishing it .... could you always take it with you to finish off ?! :-)

  5. The colour is stunning, it's just like Scottish heather. x

  6. Looks like it's gonna be lovely and a perfect heathery colour for Scotland too! All my makes are against the clock, I'm hopeless!


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