One Weekend, One Pattern, Two Dresses

I think I might have sewn myself delirious. I have been sewing all weekend in order to make a wearable muslin and then the final dress for a wedding I am going to in a few weeks. It's not that I haven't enjoyed the sewing - the time has flown in. But now I have stopped, I feel like I need to decompress after such intense sewing activity.

 1950s pattern I used - not the tennis dress version!

The blue and white dress on the left is the muslin, made from a duvet cover from a charity shop. I'm really happy with it, from the fit to the zip. The poppy print dress is the one for the wedding. I won't pretend that I've fully finished the dresses as some bits and pieces remain to be done, which will still take a little time.

For the blue and white dress they are:
  • Add bias tape (white, bought online) to neckline and armholes
  • Finish seams inside the bodice
For the poppy dress I need to:
  • Make and add bias tape to neckline and armholes
  • Hem
  • Add zip
  • Add horsehair braid to hem - I haven't tried this before, but just ordered it online
I'm hoping to have them both finished by next weekend, depending on when the bias tape and horsehair braid I've ordered arrive, and look forward to showing them off properly here.

Did anyone else spend the weekend engrossed in crafting activity?

K x


  1. Both dresses look amazing! I've also spent the weekend bent over the sewing machine and have loved every second :)

  2. Pretty dresses especially the poppy print. I had other things on over the weekend so no sewing at all. Feeling a little deprived :)

  3. So pretty! I love the blue & white stripe/dots especially! My weekend was spent in uni-dissertation activities, but boy oh boy, next week I will be immersed in sewing! I cannot wait!

  4. I love that made a wearable muslin! The last one I made was not, and now it's sitting in my stash and making me sad, as I don't want to throw it away but also don't know what else to do with it :(
    My weekend sewing was t-shirts to panties conversions. Not very glamorous, but helps in reclaiming wardrobe space without having to throw things away!

  5. Ooh - I love the striped version! It looks like something I would sprint across a vintage shop to snatch off the rail before someoneelse bought it!
    I spent the weekend sewing a Ginger skirt and knitting a tea cosy in a final defiant "I am still on my holidays" craft splurge!

  6. this dress is knockout! i say well done! Spent the weekend making flowers out of plastic bags, just because. :)

  7. Busy busy! Nice to hear about your productive weekends - and crafty plans

  8. These are brilliant! And look so different - it's good to know you can reuse a pattern without ending up with too many similar dresses. Really like them!

    I'm all about the crochet at the moment, but hoping to get some sewing done ... Oooohhh, before Christmas some time? xx

  9. Wonderful dresses - I also love the striped one as it has that very vintage look about it. The tennis length is worth learning tennis for just so that you can wear it though! I am quite jealous of your sewing weekend - I had all good intentions & then things got in the way...

  10. wow. those dresses are lovely! i'd totally buy them in a heartbeat if they were for sale. if you ever open up shop, please lemmie know ;)


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