Raspberry Conserve Cardigan (in various weathers)

Hi All

I'm back from my holidays on Orkney, and my goodness wasn't I glad that I had finished knitting my cardigan? The weather wasn't fantastic - a bit cold and overcast for most of the time but not too rainy at least, which I was very glad about as we did some camping. Nonetheless, we had a great time, as there is a lot to see. I wore my cardigan nearly every day, under a jacket and with jeans. Sadly the photo opportunities I had been hoping for, where I was swanning about in a vintage dress with my 50s style sunglasses, did not happen.

Never mind, I was able to redress the balance in a lovely hot and sunny Glasgow this afternoon.

 It definitely looks best with a dress

 Worn with a vintage silver and marcasite lizard brooch that belonged to my Gran - You can't see from this photo, but it has sparkling red eyes too

 Close up of the cables

I began knitting the cardigan on 17th April, and it took me nearly 3 months to knit, in between other knitting and sewing projects. It was quite an easy knit and really enjoyable. The cable pattern was simple to memorise and the pattern straightforward. I added a little bit to the length but the style is a for a cropped and closely fitting cardigan or jacket. The sleeves finish just before the wrists in the classic 'bracelet sleeve' style - this term was a new one to me, but as you might guess refers to a sleeve length that is designed to show off bracelets. This was also my first time knitting from a vintage pattern and I am definitely keen to do more.

This is definitely my favourite cardigan I have made, of the 3 I have knitted. I think it might even be my favourite item I have ever knitted and that I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it this autumn. I bought the wool from The Black Sheep online, it is Sirdar Balmoral which is a mix of wool with alpaca and silk. Including P&P the wool cost less than £25, which I consider to be an utter bargain. I have christened it the 'Raspberry Conserve' cardigan as the colour reminds me of raspberries.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, part 2 of the interview with Helene. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed it. I would definitely love to do more of the same and will put some feelers out, however I think luck played a big part in that one! That said, I have been reading up on 20th century fashion, home sewing and knitting, so expect more posts relating to that in the future. Thanks also for your holiday wishes too, I had a lovely time on Orkney and look forward to sharing some of my recent finds and knits (of the baby variety) in the near future.

K x

Knitting on the beach at Birsay


  1. That cardi is absolutely wonderful and you look so pretty and relaxed. Glad you enjoyed your hols adn I'd love to see another in depth interview. x

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. I absolutely love that cardigan - the colour looks great on you! I wish I was a more accomplished knitter but I've not got the patience...

  3. Ooh, that cardigan is just so lovely! Well done :)

  4. Your cardigan looks fabulous! And that colour is the best. :)

  5. ooohhh Orkney! I bet that was fabulous! And your sweater looks like it is perfect! I really love that colour on you and am in awe of your knitting skills!!

  6. Sounds like you had an AMAZING time! and, WOW! the cardigan is so lovely! I love the collar best, so pretty! Well done!

  7. I adore the pictures! The colours & scenery are wonderful & show your beautiful cardi off so well. Now the cardi is equally gorgeous - you are so clever & a brilliantly fabulous colour - love it!

  8. Glad to here that you had a lovely holiday! Love that cardigan and Bracelet sleeves sound fabulous, I'm so impressed how quickly you knitted this, it would have taken me forever!

    Ps I have given your most fabulous of blogs an award! See my blog for details!

  9. So lovely - gorgeous colour and perfect for the weather on your hols by the looks of it! xx

  10. A really gorgeous cardi!

  11. Beautiful! It reminds me so much of a turquoise cardi my mother wore in the 60's, especially with the brooch on the collar.


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