Finds around the House

Through this blog I occasionally share some of the finds I make in charity shops. Today I thought I'd show you some of my finds in situ, around my house. I hope some of you will be interested in this - I know that I'm pretty nosey and love to see other peoples' houses so thought it was about time I shared some pictures of my own home, starting with the kitchen. You'll also see that I've been playing about with my photos using Piknik, which is a recent discovery.

These are my set of Beefeater Bull Plates, which are on the wall above the kitchen sink. I believe that they were given away at Beefeater steak restaurants in the 1970s. When I was a student we had some of these plates in our flat but I subsequently forgot all about them until I found a couple in a charity shop a few years ago and decided to collect the set. You can pick them up on eBay for a few pounds each, though I also managed to find two in the bin at the back of the last flat I used to live in. You can also see in the photo a cow milk jug, a model of Cthulu (who modelled a baby hat for me in a previous post) and our beloved teal Le Creuset dishes (bought with wedding present gift vouchers).

Here you can see our crying onion jar that we keep shallots in, and a Poole Pottery mustard pot. The onion jar was a couple of pounds from a car boot sale and the Poole Pottery jar was 20p from a charity shop. I've had the little 1950s glasses for years, and they get used as tea light holders.

In the hall we have the ubiquitous Ikea bookcase, where the mustachioed cat lives. He was in the window of a charity shop in Edinburgh, and I had to buy him as soon as I saw him. How often do you see a cat wearing a suit and tie and with a moustache? I think he was about £3 or £4. I've had the Kermit the Frog money box since I was a child, and I always thought it was strange that he looks so fat since the real Kermit is notable for this thin-ness.

I hope you've enjoyed have a wee nosey. I'll be posting again later in the week with some photos of my poppy print dress that I wore to the wedding this weekend.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday

K x


  1. You've got some beautiful bits! I've got the crying onion jar and his beetrrot brother in my cupboard, too. x

  2. Cheers Vix! I've also seen a celery head jar too, which I like a lot :)

  3. You've got some beautiful bits and pieces. I'm in love with the onion jar! I must say I'm a nosey person too and I always enjoy seeing in other peoples homes. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Ooh I love a nosy around peoples houses too! What brilliant stuff you have...

    ps isn't picnik great? I've become a bit obsessed with whitening my teeth though.

  5. I love nosey posts like this! I have a different onion man and also the celery man you mention, he doesn't have a lid though and I think maybe he should have...? x

  6. Thanks ladies! Lucy, I don't think the celery head jar has a lid, at least not the one I'd seen before. Do you think you're actually supposed to store celery in it?

  7. I love exploring charity shops and finding kitchenalia. I have enjoyed having a nose of your kitchen. I am hoping to do something similar soon on my blog.


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