If you can't Sorbetto them....

Ok. I know it's a terrible pun. I couldn't resist. Anyway, my title is intended to suggest that I have joined the ranks of the multiple Sorbetto makers with this version, my second:


I had intended to make this my first Sorbetto. I bought the fabric back in May and cut out the pieces soon after, but once I'd decided to make the version with the printed tablecloth I put this one on the back burner. It was then abandoned while I concentrated on Me Made June, knitting and making dresses, so I was glad to finally get it finished.You might recognise the cotton shirting, as I also used it for the inside of the pockets on my wrap skirt.

Pockets from Wrap Skirt

Fabric with Bias Binding Packet

There's not too much I can say about this pattern that hasn't already been said. It's fantastic. I used some lovely Paul Smith cotton shirting from Mandors and vintage white cotton bias binding. Isn't the packaging pretty? I finished the top by adding a white plastic button from my recent haul of buttons, meaning that the top includes two thrifted elements and one purchased one (the fabric).

The quality of the binding was far superior to any plain bias binding I have seen in a shop, or bought online. It was lovely soft, fine cotton, instead of the rough and loosely woven cotton that seems to be used for most bias binding I've found. If you have a good source for good quality plain binding, please do share!

As I saw more versions of the Sorbetto appearing, and after I had made my own first version, I thought that I should make this one a bit longer, but unfortunately I'd already cut the pieces. So, I made a hem by applying bias along the bottom edge and using that as a narrow hem, meaning that the hem allowance could be used to increase the length of the top. Nifty, eh? This was a really handy way to make the top longer, and I think the length is just perfect on me now.

Front and back hems, showing bias binding hem.

I won't run through a review of the project, but here are the costings.

Fabric                  £5.99  (1m at £.599 per metre)
Bias Binding       £0.30
White Thread      £0.50 approx
Button                 £0.05 approx

Total                    £6.84

So, will I be making any more Sorbettos? Most likely. I have some lovely Liberty printed binding I've been itching to use for a project, so I would like to make a plain version using that plus some other buttons from my stash. That being said, I'll need to get a move on with it before it gets too cold to wear it, although I think the pattern would lend itself equally well to being a pyjama top. Hmmm, I've never made pyjamas - another project for the list perhaps?

K x


  1. What a beautiful top, so simple and elegant and of course, beautifully made. x

  2. It's lovely - very chic - and goes perfectly with your wrap skirt. I've got that same make of vintage bias binding and agree about the quality being so much softer than shop bought brands. Will let you know if I find a good supply! x

  3. Thanks Vix, and Cheers Jane, I'd love to know if there is other good quality binding out there.

  4. Oh its lovely!! I love how you how matched the skirt with the lining!

  5. Super cute! loving the new blog header too!

  6. Hi there! I'm having trouble with being able to view images so am mega frustrated not to see your second sorbetto ..... it sounds lovely though! And I am like you about bias binding - since when did it change from the soft silky cotton to the coarsely woven kind?


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