Crafty Charity Shop Haul

Oooh I've had a good week of charity shopping! I managed to go to 15 charity shops this week - 6 in one town I work in, 4 in another and a further 5 near my home this morning. Gosh, 15 does sound like a lot considering I work full time, but I always strive to fit in some charity shopping during my lunch time if I can. Of those 15 shops, I bought items in 5 of them - a 1-in-3 hit rate is pretty good going, and I would say is higher than average.

I bought a rather elegant Monsoon dress on a bargain rail for £1 this morning, but the most exciting purchases were definitely the craft-related ones. On Monday I scored some excellent knitting patterns, and added to their number on Thursday:

In addition I got some great knitting chat with a couple of ladies who worked in the second charity shop, and got to show off my own hand knitted cardigan I was wearing. I absolutely love a bit of knitting talk, and I think they enjoyed telling me about things they used to knit too.

This morning I got my Monsoon dress and some 1.5" grosgrain ribbon:

This was followed by an exciting haul of sewing patterns - I spied a whole box full, neatly stored away under a shelf, and very easy to miss. I bought 12 (25p each!) in total, and hope that most of them have all the right pieces and instructions:

I'm very pleased with two patterns in particular:

After seeing Lisette's lovely pleated skirt I have been thinking I'd like to make one for myself - I didn't realise until I linked to the pattern while writing this that I had found exactly the same pattern! Scruffy Badger's beautiful fitted jacket was in my mind when I picked up the pattern on the left - it would definitely be a real test of my skills but I might tackle it in the spring time.

I haven't shown my finds in too much detail, as I am planning a couple of giveaways in the future and don't want to spoil the surprise.

Thanks also to everyone who voted in my knitting poll. I'm sure it's very unscientific, but of the people who answered How interested are you in knitting?

73% said I sew and knit
9% said I mostly knit
14% said I don't knit but I might learn
3% said Knitting? It's not for me!

I'm not sure where the other 1% has gone as this only adds up to 99% - maybe they spoiled their ballot papers?! In any case, stay tuned for some more knitting-related posts and of course, some giveaways....

K x


  1. Wow, what a fantastic haul...I'm very jealous!

  2. What a great haul. I never have much luck in the charity shops around here, but I'll keep trying. I like the skirt pattern. (Thanks for your lovely comment on my dress).

  3. You really have a great eye for spotting the hidden treasures, congratulations! I'm really looking forward to seeing those patterns come to life.

  4. Woo Hoo! I've got that skirt pattern too! It must have been a popular design! :)

  5. Isn't it exciting when you have finds like this! I'm feeling a little jealous now. Need to go thrifting more often, me thinks. Maybe then I can have finds as great as yours. Well done.

  6. You really are queen of charity shop shopping! I would be so excited to haul in those sewing patterns and knitting patterns!! I must try harder - your " hit rate" comment was useful. Maybe I'm expecting too much and then get put off too easily? Thank you for reference to my jacket - I'm glad you're thinking of giving it a go. And I do so want a similar skirt, having seen roobeedoo's. Funny it's the same!

  7. I think this was an unusually good crafty haul - I very rarely see sewing patterns and knitting patterns when you do find them are so hit and miss, being very often too 1980s for my tastes.
    Persistence is certainly the key. I might try and keep a note of my charity shop visits vs. hit rate, it would be an interesting experiment.

  8. Wow, really cool survey! And amazing haul and the charity shop, I am gobsmacked and jealous!

  9. Those dressmaking patterns look fantastic. can't resist snapping them up even if most of them are way beyond my capabilities. x

  10. I'm the same - I very rarely find sewing patterns (twice in my whole life in fact) so when I do I buy up the whole lot! Feel a teensy bit guilty about my greed, but not for long!! :) xx


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