New Beginnings

A few weeks ago I posted about a couple of knitting patterns I had won on eBay, but which had been lost in the post. Well, luckily I was able to purchase a pdf of one of the patterns from elsewhere and so make the fairisle sweater I really wanted to knit. Hooray!

I actually began knitting this on the 9th of September, but after knitting the 3 inches of rib for the front and starting the colour work, I decided that not only was I unhappy with the colours I had chosen, but I also wanted to knit the sweater in the round. So, nothing else for it but rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiipppppppppp!!

Coloured-in Fairisle chart - it makes it easier to see the pattern!

The original suggested colour scheme was white with blue and red and a small amount of green. I had planned to use a pale blue with a mid blue, dark purple and a small amount of green as these were all yarns I already had in my stash. After starting to knit however I decided that this combination really didn't work together very well. I purchased a couple of balls of darker blue wool which I think complement the other blues. I am now using the pale blue and mid blue with a darker blue and I will amend the suggested colour layout to use only these colours.

 Sweater wool with new bamboo circular needle

I have never converted a flat pattern to knit in the round before but I think it will be easier for colour knitting and I'm not anticipating any major problems with the conversion. Once I get to the armholes I think I'll have to knit flat, but that's manageable. I did have to buy a new circular needle of the right size, and decided to try a bamboo circular as I prefer knitting with wooden needles BUT ALSO this is an interchangeable set of needles, meaning you can swap needles and different lengths of cable.

My set are made by Pony - you can buy a whole set, but I got mine individually from John Lewis. I'm not sure if the whole interchangeable needle thing is worthwhile, but I don't have any sets of circulars I particularly like using already as the cables are either a little rough in places or, horror of horrors, come loose from the needles whilst knitting. I'm a firm believer in buying good quality materials, so I think these will be a worthwhile purchase.

Although I'm looking forward to knitting this sweater I am aware that it will be time consuming and possibly difficult. I've worked in stranded knitting before to make these mittens:

Snowdrift Mittens - on Ravelry here
As well as these armwarmers:

Lyra Wristwarmers - on Ravelry here

Yet I have a sneaking suspicion that this project might push me to my knitting limits - I hope I'm up to the challenge!

K x


  1. That's such a cute pattern. I'm sure it will be well worth the effort, even though it may take a while. Love your revised color combination, too.

  2. How exciting! I'm glad you manageD to get Your pattern IN the end. Your colours choices are lovely and I am totally in awe that you even thought about knitting a fairisle sweater, even more that it's in the round. Keep us posted how it progresses?

  3. I'm glad you managed to track that pattern down. Those mitts are gorgeous. x

  4. Thanks ladies - I will certainly keep you posted, even if it's only to show photos of me weeping after I've spent 3 hours knitting one row :)

  5. This sweater is going to be lovely, and the good thing about being pushed to your limits is that you'll learn a ton and any mistakes can always be fixed along the way (which is not necessarily the case with sewing!). Those mittens are adorable.

  6. I'll be interested to see how you get on with your pony needles. I've tried the non-interchangeable ones and found the cord quite stiff and curly. I have inter-changeable knitpros which are lovely to knit with

    Good luck with the sweater, the pattern looks lovely,


  7. Cute pattern! I'm sure you'll be fine. It looks like there are only two colors per row and kntting in the round is MUCH easier. Remember to swatch in the round too, my gauge is vastly different flat vs. round.

    Good luck!

  8. Of course you're up to the challenge - you're a brilliant knitter! I love the mittens and arm warmers and your jumper will be gorgeous, too! I'm nowhere near ready for a fair isle jumper, but I have jumper envy right now! :)

  9. this looks fab. Re: the neckline and armholes, I have one word for you: steeeek!

  10. You're mittens and wristwarmers are lovely! I have a pair of Lyra wristwarmers, I love them!


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