Recent Finds

A selection of recent charity shop finds....

Yellow metal and fur 1950s brooch (£2) - I'd always thought these kind of fur accessories were a bit yuck, but really liked this when I saw it.

1970s/80s bag (£3) - this will be a great weekend bag for some upcoming trips as my current one is a bit knackered. I never normally find nice thrifted bags so was delighted to find this.

Homemade 1960s dress (£9.99) - I couldn't resist this when I found it in local charity shop that has a section of (typically over-priced) vintage as I loved the autumnal colours. This is currently far too big for me but I plan to take it in so look out for it reappearing here in the next week or two!

Large floral silky scarf (£3.99) - Another find from the same vintage charity shop. A bit more than I'd normally pay for a scarf but it's quite large and I loved the pattern.

I've also been keeping a note of my charity shop visits and their success and plan to do so for a month. As some people have commented that they find it difficult to find anything good in charity shops I thought it would be interesting to record how many I visit and what I buy. So, in a few weeks expect some pseudo-scientific stats about hit rates. I wonder if I can make some pie charts?

Have you made any good charity shop finds recently?

K x


  1. Great finds. The print of the dress and scarf are lovely, the brooch is sweet and a decent vinyl holdall is always useful.
    I go through phases with chazza finds, sometimes I can go for a couple of weeks without buying anything. I've done very well lately. x

  2. Great finds! Cute brooch, I've never seen anything like this one. Although I couldn't wear the colours in that dress I do love the fabric.

    Can't wait to see your 'hit chart'. It would be interesting to see if your hits are seasonal or not too.

  3. I love that bag, it is gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous pattern on that dress - reminds me of something designer-y a few years ago, although who it was escapes me at the moment! Oh, and great bag too x


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