NKW#14 - Knitting GIVEAWAY

It's the final post of November Knit Week. I hope you have enjoyed the week of knitting-dedicated posts, and found something to interest, inform or inspire you. I have loved putting the posts together, and thank you to everyone who has contributed and commented. It's been great to hear from regular readers and new commenters alike. Now, as promised, it's the Giveaway!

The giveaway consists of 3 elements:


1. 2 x 50g balls of Rowan Tapestry in colourway Lakeland (softly graduated blues). This is a DK weight yarn. I used the same type (less than one ball) for my wave neckwarmer 

2. A handy metal knitting needle gauge with both old UK and metric sizes
    3. A selection of 7 vintage patterns:

    • Sleeveless jumper in 3 ply, 4 ply or DK in bust 32 - 40 inches
    • Selection of 3 sweaters in DK in 32 - 42 inch bust
    • 4 ply sweater in 30 to 40 inch bust
    • Lacy Cardigan in DK to fit 38 - 40 inch bust

      • Classic Shetland Lace Shawl in 2 ply
      • Man's sweater in chunky - 38 - 42 inch chest
      • Sleeveless lace top with bow in DK to fit 34 - 40 inch bust
      I hope the giveaway offers something for everyone. Personally, I love the green lace cardigan (I have the same pattern so that's the only reason I could part with this copy!) and the yellow lace sleeveless top with the cute bow. Plus, the traditional Shetland shawl pattern is so beautiful.
        How to Enter
        1.  Be a follower of the blog
        2. Leave a comment below, including what your favourite part of November Knit Week has been
        The winner will be announced next Sunday evening (13th November) and entrants are welcome from everywhere - I will post worldwide.

        Good luck!

        K x


          1. I can't pick as they were all really good. I am a follower through google reader

          2. Fab giveaway!

            I loved all the posts, really. As a newbie I especially liked when you discussed what was in your knitting bag. Who knew there were so many needed gadgets.

          3. Great giveaway! I think my favourite posts were the interviews you did. I loved reading about how others got into knitting. I also loved the post about what was in your knitting bag.

          4. I enjoyed all of it but my favourite was the vintage pattern picture of the day. Especially the one with the stag!
            Lovely giveaway. I am a follower.

          5. I think my faves have got to be the vintage pattern pictures. They always raise a smile!
            Lovely giveaway!

          6. What a fab end to Knit Week. I've been fascinated to read the interviews - it's lovely to find out that it doesn't take too long to become a much better knitter!

          7. Wow, what a great giveaway! As a brand new knitting beginner, I'd love to be in with a chance of winning these amazing goodies! I've loved all your posts, particularly the vintage pattern pictures and the interviews!

          8. Hello! WONDERFUL giveaway!

            My favorite part is the Picture a Day. Some of them make me go "oooo!" other make me kinda snort a little bit of whatever I'm drinking out my nose with laughter.

          9. Ooh, what a fabulous giveaway! I loved your interview posts with Tasha and Kristen. Fantastic!

          10. My favorite part was the Knitting bag essentials. It's nice to see what you have.

          11. Hi there - I've just found and followed your blog. My favourite part is that you have different 3 projects on your sofa - I'm hopeless at sticking to one at a time! Fingers crossed this will be my first blog give away success - that wool is gorgeous.

          12. Have followed you. Best bit of November Knit week has definitely been the vintage pattern pics. Loved them :D

          13. I loved your interviews, but also the little hints at organizing your knitting tools etc. I also got a kick out of the vintage pattern pictures! Thanks for the week of posts!

          14. I used to knit many years ago and recently took it up again after reading some vintage clothing blogs. Thank you so much for your Knit Week there was a ton of very useful information you shared with us.

            My favorite part...hmm, difficult to say, but I really loved the interviews and the daily pattern pictures were really fun (and an obvious favorite).

            Thanks for the giveaway. The patterns look awesome and I love to have a new knitting project!

          15. I'm loving knitting week! This is an awesome prize... My faves have been the interview with Tasha (love her blog!) and the dodgy pattern pictures - I showed my mum the one with the weird collars from last week and she was like 'why....?' My personal fave was the girl dressed head to toe in Aran in the field haha! :)

          16. I think my favourite part was your interview of Tasha Moss, The Vintage Queen. Saucy pictures and fun answers! Thanks for the chance to win :)

          17. Your interview with Tasha, most definitely.

            Vintage knits, hmmm, I lived through those times. Then perhaps, I, too, am vintage.
            Ho, Ho, Ho, heee, heee.

            I found you blog today and have been reading, and reading, and reading. I love every word.

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge,K.

            I am one of your newest followers.

            Oh,, yes, I have a project bag with the wood handle.

          18. I love the post about whats in your knitting bag...now I have to have a row counter!

          19. I don't know if you've seen this new book, but it looks like it's right up your street. I have already begun saving my pennies for this one...


          20. Did a google search on vintage knitting patterns and found your blog! I've read the whole week :)

            Great blog and love the vintage patterns and the interview! Great pictures!

          21. My favourite part of NNW- the fact I've now got my knitting mojo back. I put down the knitting needles and picked up a sewing instead. Whilst I live both, I had forgotton how portable and enjoyable knitting was. Thanks for the knitspiration!


          Thanks for reading and commenting - I love to hear what you have to say