NKW#4 - Knitting Bag Essentials

This is my knitting bag:

It's a traditional knitting bag with wooden handles, which opens up wide to allow your wool and projects to be stuffed easily inside. I purchased it last year from a charity shop, and think it dates to about the 1940s. However as I often have more than one project on the needles at once I also use cotton bags to store projects too. Whatever type of bag I am using, it will always get shoved into an outer bag if I am taking my knitting on the train to work.

 My usual knitting spot, with 3 separate projects in bags

Over the years I have honed down my knitting bag essentials, which are as follows:
  • Wool & Needles – well, obviously!
  • Paper copy of my pattern – rather than bringing a whole book, and notes can easily be scribbled on it
  • Pencil - for notes 
  • Tape measure - I prefer the retractable kind that snaps back into its case, rather than getting tangled in your knitting.
  • Nail file – to stop pesky rough fingernails snagging on my knitting

 In addition I always have a small tin containing

  • Scissors
  • Darning needles
  • Stitch markers of different sizes and colours – a real essential for circular knitting or for marking sections in lace and fairisle knitting. Also useful if casting on a large number of stitches, to help you keep track of how many you've cast on.
  • Safety pins – also helpful for marking
  • Point protectors – stop your knitting sliding off the needle or your needles poking out of your bag dangerously! (You can see the cat teeth marks on one of the point protectors below!)
  • Scraps of wool to hold stitches - I tend not to carry metal stitch holders about, but scrap wool is always useful 
  • Buttons - If I'm needing a few small buttons for a project I'll keep them in my tin
  • Cable needles - Can also be used for holding a few stitches 

    Is there anything I've missed out that you always have in your knitting kit?

    K x


    1. Sounds very similar to what I carry in my multitudinous project bags (my mom always did say you can never have enough bags... now she makes bags... hmm lol). The only addition I'd have to add is a small crochet hook. Great for if you drop a stitch further down than one row!

    2. In addition to the crochet hook mentioned by Tasha and to all the goodies you keep in your own kit, I also keep a small container of hand cream and a pocket calculator. I like to keep my hands hydrated so the yarn slides better and like to verify my math for pattern alterations along the way.

    3. Ooh great suggestions Tasha and Andrea!vI do use a crochet hook for slipped stitches too, though it would be ideal if I could get a little one that would fit in my tin.

    4. I love that pretty bag and those golden scissors and of course, your knitting corner. x

    5. That knitting bag is just gorgeous :D And it's about time I found myself a little tin instead of a plastic bag for all my bits and pieces!

    6. LOVE your knitting bag, I want one like that as a handbag! x


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