NKW#5 - Vintage Pattern Picture of the Day


Quite a novel idea, to have glove models reaching greedily towards a cheque (glove wearers are notoriously greedy, as we all know). But lets take a closer look at what's written on the cheque....

Apologies for quality of scan, but I can tell you that the cheque is made out for £75,000 by Cornucopia & Co, and dated 35th May 1984. Considering this pattern was made around the 1960s, I think some cheeky scamp was trying to blow knitters' minds. Well, mission accomplished - 35th May? Woah, man.....

K x


  1. Ha ha, quite! It's all about the hands with them :)

  2. I'm pretty sure that cheque is a reference to a novel! "The 35th of May, or Conrad's Ride to the South Seas" (1931), by Erich Kastner, in which an uncle and a nephew travel to a fantasy land of plenty. It is a totally trippy wonderland of a book!!

  3. Aha - Perhaps someone is being smart and referring to that book plus Orwell's '1984' as well? I suppose you've got to get your kicks some way if you're photographing gloves!


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