Rhinestones & Telephones Guest Post

This week I wrote a guest post for on Rhinestones & Telephones, about Handy Knitting Gadgets. Sarah has been featuring posts from a range of fabulous bloggers and I was honoured to be asked to contribute. Do check out her blog!

I feel that I haven't featured any finished objects here for a long time, but just like every other blogger, photography is proving to be a challenge due to the evenings getting dark so early. I promise I have been making things! I'm hoping to take loads of photos this weekend so I can share some handmade things with you soon.

K x


  1. Your blog post was terrific! Thank you so much for coming on board :)

    I'm knitting away, too, but am very slow, so not much to show either. I am finding it tricky to take good photos, too, as it gets dark around 4:30 here.

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