Two New Patterns

Last weekend I was very excited to take delivery of 2 new patterns. The first is New Look 6000:

I really liked this dress when Scruffy Badger featured in among a choice of lovely patterns she was considering in order to make a winter dress. When she announced a sewalong, I decided to join in. This is the fabric I have in mind:

A gorgeous teal and black houndstooth lambswool

I have just enough fabric to make the view C with the lovely side gathers, as the model is wearing. My version will be without the cuffs as I couldn't quite squeeze those out of the fabric.

My second pattern is another New Look, number 6007:

Now, I have been thinking for a while about capes. Last Winter I tried on a few and decided they looked weird on me. However when I scored some fantastic wool at a charity shop recently, I knew it would be perfect for a cape:

3.5 metres of wool. Cost? £3.99

Although there is enough to make a longer coat, I think the strong pattern would look a bit overwhelming on a larger coat - for my tastes anyway. I do hope I like the cape when it's finished. I was going to make the view with a short funnel neck rather than the collar, but I haven't definitely decided. I will also be lining the cape and adding buttons for a more secure and cosy front.
What are you sewing at the minute?

K x


  1. Ooh the cape will look fab. I'm just finishing off the NL6000 too as part of Scruffy Badger's sew along. It's a great pattern, can't wait to see your houndstooth version. x

  2. Both these patterns are great and fantastic to see that fabric you were talking about! It's stunning!

  3. Lovely fabrics. I'm hankering for a cape too.

  4. It's Good to see what you're using for new look 6000 as I have been most intrigued by your description earlier. Great choice! And the cape looks interesting... Capes make me think Sherlock Holmes - inspiration from new film ? But I have also seen some lovely examples recently of handmades. I like that it'll be blue ...

  5. I love the dress pattern, not much of a dress wearer myself but that pattern looks fab. If only I hadn't given up making clothes :(

    Looking forward to seeing it sewn up.

  6. OOh - that cape will be amazing! And I already have that NL pattern on my "things to avoid in the approach to Christmas" list!

  7. I love both patterns. The first one is very simlar to the dress I wore for my hubsnad Xmas party (bought from Coast not sown though...). I have been working on a cape for errr a year now?


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