Newsflash - Edinburgh Fabric Stores Ransacked

Flower brooches made by Kristen, Debi and myself

After hours spent planning, emailing and tartan flower crafting, yesterday was the Crafters' Ceilidh Meet Up in Edinburgh. And what a day! Over 20 crafters travelled from Scotland and England to meet, chat and shop.

We met in Frederick's Coffee shop...

Nice view of Roobeedoo's gorgeous cardigan!

Before heading to Princes Street Gardens for photos...

 Did You Make That?, Roobeedoo and Scruffy Badger Time smile for the camera. (I can confirm that Karen's coat is just as beautiful in real life as you would expect)

We then hit the Grassmarket for vintage and wool shopping before heading to Edinburgh Fabrics, Mandors, and The Cloth Shop.

House of Pinheiro and myself clutching the fabric we both purchased

We then headed to the sewing cafe for a pattern, fabric and yarn swap...

And finished up at the Voodoo Rooms for dinner.

My highlights were:
  • Meeting everyone whose blogs I follow, in real life for the first time.
  • Meeting Scottish crafters (and non bloggers)
  • Talking about sewing ALL DAY
  • Sharing dubious pattern and fabric choices in the swap - a mix of wonderful and weird items with plenty of hilarity.
The shopping was pretty good too, of course, but overall, the opportunity to spend a whole day with like-minded people, talking about and sharing a passion was fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, especially those who had endured horrendously early starts to get there.

I had a ball!

K x


  1. Wow, I did not realise you are so tall. You are almost the same height as Rachel. I think I only end at her waist...yes I am that short. Oh what fun.Is that a Scottish flag someone was holding?

    1. Yep, Rachel and I are about the same height! Debi brought a Scottish flag for the group photos - she got a great one which I will add into the post.

  2. YAY! I had so much FUN!!! And it was a blast co-organising with you and Kristen...we make a fabby team :) xoxoo

  3. Those tartan flowers are fabulous! How great to meet up and have such a good day. Well done to everyone! xx

  4. Kerry - it was fab fab fab! Thank you so much for everything! :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! Wish I could have been there too!

  6. Thank you Kerry - for the organising, making & looking after us all so well. It was truly lovely to meet you, admire your Miss Marple & I'm full of so many happy memories Oh yes, and have some lovely fabric too!)

  7. Thanks for all your organising Kerry - I had an amazing time and picked up lots of inspiration from much more advanced crafters, a good kick to get going on the next few projects! Thanks again.

  8. We DO make a fabby team! I had such an amazing time. I cannot believe how smoothly everything went, I want another one!!!

  9. You guys did a great job organising! Loved your cape too :)

  10. What a fun day! I would have joined you if I had a few extra vacation days to fly across the Atlantic! Perhaps some day.

  11. Okay, this may or may not be the third or so time I have thanked you...but...Thank you! Thanks so much for co-hosting and taking so much time for putting such a great event together. You, Debi and Kristin deserve a star each! Looking forward tot he next one!

  12. What a great time you all had - I have enjoyed reading all the reports !


  13. Thank you So Much for all the care and love you and the girls put for the most Epic sewing day ever. xx

  14. I so wish I could have been there, what fun it all looks!

  15. Thanks again for hosting, so much fun!

  16. Should have read this post before travelling to Edinburgh and not on the day that I'm back from the city :-(


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