Matching Plaids for Peony

Wrong side of sleeve with right side of facing

Since last week I have been working on my Peony dress, which is part of my Mini Capsule Wardrobe. Progress is a little slow, hampered by my making a number of silly mistakes:

  • Marking the right side of the fabric instead of the wrong side - I cut the fabric at night and am blaming the lack of natural light for my not noticing.
  • Having to re-cut the facings and re-apply interfacing, since I thought the right side was the wrong side
  • Making the pockets completely wrongly - I sewed the two pieces together instead of sewing each side to the skirt pieces. I had to cut some new pocket pieces and start again.
  • Then! I stitched the pockets on the wrong side of the fabric!
Other than that I am happy with how it's shaping up. Matching the plaids is pretty challenging but I am excited with how it looks. I am really hoping to get in finished this weekend but it might be a push as I am lining it too. I'm amused by how much of a sewing snob I'm becoming - these days I would much rather take the time to put in a lining and finish my garment nicely than rush to the end, just to get a wearable garment.

Other than the Peony, this weekend holds a new haircut (keep your fingers crossed for me...), charity shops and the antiques fair.

Hope you have a great weekend too, whatever you're up to!

K x


  1. I don't think I added pockets to my Peony. Good luck with the hair cut!

  2. I have been coveting Peony since I saw it as well, so I am really excited to see how this turns out.

  3. I hate silly mistakes. I've been prone to then lately.

    But I think being a sewing snob can be good. You'll make clothes that are constructed well, comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Many positives in sewing snobbery :)

    1. I agree - maybe snobbery isn't the right word, perhaps it's 'sewing connoisseurship' :)

  4. OOh, a plaid peony, I can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  5. I really admire you for matching up the pattern, its something I've never quite managed to achieve:) I really look forward to seeing it when its finished, its going to be super!...Oh and good luck with the new do, I am sure it will be fab!

  6. what lovely fabric.. will be so cute dress xx

  7. I've never tried sewing with plaids or stripes, although I love them-- it seems so scary! I'm looking forward to seeing this!

    It's so good that you're taking the time to do this properly-- I'm only just starting to wise up and not rush (or sew when I'm over tired) as I tend to make dumb, time-consuming mistakes!

  8. I feel the same, I'd rather spend a bit more time getting something exactly right than rushing it. Can't wait to see your finished Peony - would also be interested in how you added your lining as I'm thinking of lining my next version. Your weekend sounds great, have a nice one. x

  9. OH no I could not read your bullet points anymore. Good on you to persevere. Great plans for the weekend though!

  10. Looking forward to seeing the result :) And great to know I'm not the only one to make mistakes- heh heh, congrats on persevering :)

  11. Ooh, I can't wait to see this!

  12. Some times things just work out wrong.
    I don't like times like that.


  13. Already your dedication shows. Undoing and starting again, matching plaid and lining. It has taken me a while but I now realize the importance of getting it right versus rushing to get the 'finished' article. Its such a good feeling when its perfect!


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