Pattern Monday #15

Though fleeing from the zombies, Kate consoled herself by thinking about her lovely hand-knit sweater.

Thanks to Wendy of The Butterfly Balcony for today's pattern.


  1. "When she unexpectedly ran into her latest crush, she hoped he would not notice the sweat patch under her right armpit, or the fact that she was busting for a pee..."

    He, he. I've missed these on a Monday morn!

  2. Ha, ha! I really like that pattern actually :) That kind of shot makes me feel bad for the model!

  3. To me it looks like she's running from a gunman poised on top of a high building.

    Then I looked at the sweater again, and it's really quite cute. Could do with a bit of updating but I like the lace argyle diamond idea...

  4. Great pattern as always.
    You've got me looking through my collection - just posted some you might like.


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