Sweet Serendipity at the Charity Shop

Last week at lunchtime I popped into a charity shop local to my work. After browsing I was on my way out, empty handed, when I spotted the girl at the till pricing up a pile of sewing patterns, all at 49p each. And wouldn't you know, someone had donated two plastic bags full of patterns which were just about to be put out. Talk about good timing!

Despite the abundance of patterns, I restricted myself to patterns which were around my size and had interesting details that were different from patterns I already had in my stash. Here's what I came away with:

Le-Roy Weldons 9300. I liked the shaped waistband 

Le-Roy Weldons 8767. I love the shape of the shorter length dress, though it might look a little maternity, in reality.

Vogue 2461 - I was sure this was 1980s, with the pastel colours, but it's from 1971 according to Vintage Pattern Wiki. I think the sleeveless and short sleeves versions could look lovely though it is designed for knits. Perhaps my opportunity to get to grips to knits?

Style 1707, a sweet bias-cut dress. I'm not convince that this would suit my figure as my shoulders are proportionally quite wide - I really like it though and have not tried sewing on the bias yet.

These 3 I bought primarily because they were the oldest patterns I've ever seen! I think the toddler ones are 1940s/50s and the pinafore dress is definitely 1940s - just check out that silhouette! I kind of like the pinafore, but would have to scale it up from a 32" bust.

Finally, my favourite:

I just love the wrap around blouse - might not pair it with a straw top hat though (or would I...?). 

I think it might also be in my size too. The pattern itself is unprinted and the leaflet lists multiple sizes however the addressed envelope it came in has 36" written on it beside the reference number of the pattern (5003). It's postmarked 1961, so I know when it dates to too.

This little haul was my first vintage sewing pattern success at a charity shop for some time, however I've also been buying vintage patterns online - after several months of utter restraint I gave in and picked up some beauties. Look forward to sharing those with you too!

K x


  1. Oh, score! Happy dance! :)

  2. They look wonderful, the illustrations on vintage patterns are always so delightful! The top one in the longer length with the V neckline is gorgeous, as is the wrap blouse (DEFINITELY with the straw hat!)xx

  3. Oooh what a haul! I've just struck lucky with a few vintage patterns too, it's so exciting isn't it?! My favourite is definitely the wrap top, closely followed by the bias cut dress - I like the blue version with matching headscarf. x

  4. Fabulous finds at an utter bargain...I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see what else you've been buying ;o)

  5. Fun finds! I have also only had small pockets of luck finding great patterns at thrift shops. Can't wait to see some of these made up :)

  6. Very exciting!! Thanks for sharing. I'm in love with the little wrap-around blouse.

  7. Scores! I love finding vintage patterns, the illustrations are so fabulous. I love all of them but would love to have a go at that tie shoulder blouse, it's so cute. x

  8. Wow, girl! You made out like a bandit! I love the le roy pattern, although I think that corner might be a bit tricky!

    1. Think you might be right - some sweating and swearing would probably be involved :)

  9. WOW! Fabulous find and for such great prices!!!

  10. These are neat! I love looking at vintage patterns - for some reason they are so much more exciting than modern patterns. Who am I kidding, I love all patterns! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your haul too.

  11. Your lucky day, for sure.
    Love the little girl's dress. Too Cute! ! !

  12. You could make the le roy 8767 in grey/grey or grey/black contrast wool and would look awesome. Making that sort of pattern in heavy weight fabrics weighs it down and kills the 'mat' look plus the side panels are screaming for darker fabric than the main body of the dress. There's a Jaeger dress like that floating round the blogosphere if you want pictorial evidence ;)

  13. Ooh - fab! I am not sure how you restrained yourself at that price! :)

  14. What a haul! I think I most like the Maudella one (swoon!) & the knit vogue. It's funny, I went Charity shopping this lunchtime & thought of you as I had a very high hit rate! I actually came away with what I was looking for - round neck cardigans! OK they are Goerge from Asda, but since I am wearing through the elbows of my current old ones, will not buy new & my knitting is still in progress I am beaming with achievement.

  15. Yay, new patterns! I like the wrap-around top, too (and the other one on the pattern cover)!


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