Learn some random things about me

Since the middle of last month I've been lucky enough to be nominated for blog awards by 3 different fellow bloggers. I am only now getting around to acknowledging these - so THANK YOU.

Sue of Sewin' Steady gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Sue was recently Featured Seamstress on Coletterie, and also made a gorgeous Joan-inspired dress as part of the Mad Men Dress Challenge - check it out!

Jennifer from Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee and Snippa both nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award

Jennifer knits and sews - check out her lovely version of Vogue 2960, a full-skirted 50s-style dress with a buttoned bodice. Snippa is a jack of many crafts, from jewellery-making to sewing, but I particularly like her re-fashions. Have a look at her skirt re-made as a yoga bag. Clever, eh?

There are rules for both blog awards, but I have decided to ignore them, apart from the bit I found most interesting (from the Versatile Blogger Award) which is to list 7 random facts about yourself. Here goes:
Sweet Royal Wedding tea towel

1. I seem to have somehow started to collect tea towels from charity shops. I don't know how this happened, it must be old age, but I like that they are practical as I really don't need any more china. I scored an excellent Royal Wedding one (for Charles &Di) recently. It was 99p and despite being 31  years old I can report that it dries dishes very well.

 Image from here

2. I really enjoy watching the programme Auction Hunters, which is about 2 guys who go to different cities in the US and buy abandoned storage units in the hope of finding something valuable inside. Obviously you only get to see the exciting units and not the dud ones, and there's a lot of shouting "Holy Crap!" as they discover something good, but I don't care, I really enjoy it. I discovered it when I was channel hopping and got hooked - it's currently showing in the UK on the Quest channel at 10pm on a Thursday - yes, I know that off by heart.

Check out that pencil!

3. I was recently photographed with the world's largest pencil (Guinness Book of Records approved). Jealous?

Image from here

4. There is one Episode of the IT Crowd (Series 2 Episode 1 - The Work Outing) which has me in tears of helpless laughter any time I watch it. The three main characters, Roy Moss and Jen, go to the theatre and hilarity ensues. If you haven't watched the IT Crowd then you should, it's by the creator of Father Ted. If you don't know what Father Ted is, then where have you been?! (I will excuse you if you are not from the UK).  You can watch the episode on 4od here, in the UK only I think.

Image from here - it was the most hilarious image I could find
5. My husband is a heavy metal fan, and when we got married 2 years ago we had an Iron Maiden song playing as we signed the register.


6. I get really angry when I see a white Range Rover - I hate seeing 4x4s in the city but a white Range Rover is like the ultimate insult to the environment. No one's ever going to be driving on of those through the muddy countryside.

7. I can ice skate backwards (Disclaimer: This was last time I checked, which was some time ago).

So there you go, you now know some random pieces of information about me. Do check out Sue, Jennifer and Snippa's blogs. I would also like to say an extra thanks to the lovely Sue for so sweetly sending me a pattern I had blogged about, as well as some vintage buttons.

What a sweetie!

K x


  1. the best things about those awards is the fun to learn more about people. !!!

  2. Yay, I can't wait to see what you do with that pattern!
    Also, Auction Hunters sounds like an excellent combination of two American shows I enjoy: American Pickers and Storage Wars. I'll have to find a way to check it out!

    1. err...duh, auction hunters is a US show. Sigh. I'm clearly not up on my tv shows.

  3. I just love learning random facts about people. The white range rover thing is especially hilarious.
    While it seems you are watching our American shows, I can't get enough of the Brit ones. I just finished all the seasons of IT Crowd-SO funny, I've even rewatched many of them-the theater episode is a good one! And, actually added Father Ted to my netflix queue yesterday.

    1. Oh you'll definately enjoy Father Ted!

  4. I love the IT Crowd but I haven't seen that episode, I'll have to remedy that IMMEDIATELY! Roy is so like my brother it's spooky. Here's something to tell your husband: I was recently watching The Sooty Show (an old episode) and the special guest was the drummer from Iron Maiden!! X

    1. Oh wow, thanks for tip we'll definitely be checking that out!

  5. That is a classic episode - the final scene literally has me rolling around regardless of how many times I've seen it. It's just wonderful!

  6. Ha! I love (and totally agree with) your take on white range rovers - they look like stormtroopers to me. I'm not sure which I hate more - them or those cayenne porsche things.

  7. Haha! This post is too funny! Love the picture of you with the world's largest pencil-- heeheehee.